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"Well, I was thinking about what it anime girls nude felt like as you presses your naked body against mine. It was incredible feeling your breasts, with their hard nipples, rub over my chest. The feeling when your tongue ran over the head of my cock." He reached down and adjusted himself once again. He was rock hard now, thinking of her. She watched as his hand moved to his crotch and gripped his penis to adjust it. She could see the outline of the hard member through the thin fabric of the snap pants. The image of him getting hard in front of her aroused her. She could feel her lips start to swell with the excitement. She reached up and ran a hand over her breast. Her nipple was hard with the combination of excitement and the cool air. She twitched slightly as he continued

"Then, the taste anime nude pics of your pussy as I licked your wet lips, and the sensation of having you come, your juice flooding my mouth.

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Jennifer shuddered as she anime girls getting raped thought of the sensations of his tongue bringing her to an orgasm. TJ looked at her panties and noticed a dark gray spot that had formed as her cunt oozed. He gently ran his hand over her now swollen lips. She gasped as his fingers found her clit and caresses it through the wet fabric. He reached up and pulled her tank top off. Her breasts popped from under their restraint. His mouth found her nipples. TJ nibbled lightly then bit down on her hard, swollen nipples. Jennifer gasped in pleasure and pain. The dark, wet spot in her panties was growing larger and TJ wanted to penetrate her with his thick erection. He laid Jennifer down on the counter. His mouth moved from her nipples down her stomach. She laughed as his lips played with her bellybutton ring. He tugged at it, tickling her more

"TJ, stop, anime rape pictures I have to go pee.

"No, you should have thought of anime couples pictures that before.

"Please!" She begged him tentacle anime monster sex pictures to let her release the sudden pressure that was now building as he tickled her

"You can pee but toon anime manga hot girls only if you go here," TJ motioned with his head towards the sink set into the counter right next to her. "and you have to do what I tell you.

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"Ok, anything, just nude anime pics disney let me go!" Jennifer stood, and began to remove her thong

"No, leave it adult anime pictures on for now!

"What?" Jennifer anime fan art and pictures asked

"Leave it on, I will tell you when you can take anime xxx porn them off.

Jennifer moved, and squatted anime porn videos over the sink. TJ could see the warm, damp spot that had formed between her legs. His cock throbbed as he thought of how wet her tight tunnel was. She leaned back against the faucet. Her face had turned slightly red. She was beginning to get slightly embarrassed about peeing in her panties in front of him.

"I can't anime hardcore porn gallery go like this." Jennifer squirmed. TJ pressed on her stomach. He could tell by the look on her face that she was trying to hold it back tentacle anime monster sex pictures exterme rape comics

"Go ahead, it's ok." Jennifer relaxed. TJ youn nude girl anime watched as the damp spot on her thong grew. Her piss began to soak her panties, and then began to drip from the sodden fabric comix violent nude anime pictures

"Stop!" Jennifer looked at young tight japaness girls porn pic and anime him, "Stop!!" She squeezed hard. The flow of piss stopped. "Stand up and take off your underwear." Jennifer did as she was told. She squatted back over the sink. "Don't start yet, wait" Her face grimaced as she squeezed her muscles together to keep the flow from starting again. TJ smiled as he thought of how tight she was and how much tighter she would be if she did this every day. "Spread your pussy lips for me. Jennifer leaned back farther and reached down with one hand. Her fingers gently and slowly spread her engorged lips apart. The bright red of her tight entrance dripped with excitement. "Ok, now you can start." Jennifer felt herself getting wetter. It was incredibly arousing squatting there, with her lips spread wide, peeing in front of TJ. She relaxed and the flow started. TJ looked on as the thin stream ran from between her spread lips. The flow slowed to a trickle then ended. Jennifer looked at him. "I want you inside me right now!" She was incredibly hot from exposing herself like this quality anime pictures comics torture rape

TJ grabbed the spray nozzle from anime girls bikini the sink. "Lets wash you off first." He turned it on and sprayed her privates. The spray hit her clit and made her shudder. She gripped his hand and guided the nozzle in closer. She worked the spray over her protruding clit. TJ watched as she came. Her thick lips pulsed as the sensations spread through her body. He toweled her off and sat her on the edge of the counter. Grabbing each of her ankles, he spread her legs as far apart as they would go. He looked at her lips as the spread, opening her to him. anime girl gallerys rape cartoons

TJ yanked off the running anime dominatrix girls pants and placed his thick head on her lips. His head traveled up and down between her cunt-lips, picking up her flowing juices as it went. Without warning he pressed his cock into her tight pussy. She moaned as she began to fill with is meat. TJ kept pushing. He felt his cockhead pop past each row of muscles. He stopped as he reached his full depth. He paused for a moment, admiring the image of her taught cunt, stretched to its limit with is manhood. He backed out, Jennifer felt her vagina collapse as his rod withdrew. hentai rape movies violent sex comix

TJ then erotic anime girls pushed back into her. He started to move faster and faster. He wet lips made sucking sounds as his firm cock slipped in and out. She groaned as her next orgasm neared. Reaching down with one hand she rubbed her clit fiercely. Her hips bucked as she hit her peak. Her cunt pumped on his rod, squirting her cum past the tight plug in her pussy. Her cum dripped off his balls and onto the floor. TJ gasped as her tunnel kneaded his shaft, buried deep in her pussy. He was about to cum, to explode inside of her. With a loud pop, he pulled his cock from her vagina. The remainder of her cum drooled from her spread lips anime rape pics toon rape

TJ pulled her off hot anime babes pictures the counter and onto the tile floor. Jennifer turned around and gripped the edge of the counter. She moved her feet back until her head was between her elbows. TJ gazed at her pussy, it was still partially open, stretched from the reaming that it had just received. Jennifer's ass was wet with her own cum. TJ slipped his thumb into her dripping pussy. She pushed her ass back towards him. Slowly he moved his finger towards her puckered asshole. A quiver traveled through Jennifer's body as his thumb traced the rim of her opening. anime un-cut violent cartoons

TJ pressed forward hot anime girls in bikinis and his thumb slipped easily into her ass. Her breathing was more audible as she felt his finger wiggle in her ass. She was tight, TJ could barely move his finger. He was unsure whether or not he would be able to get his 2" diameter cock into her nether region. He withdrew his thumb and placed the tip of his prick at her ass. His cock was still covered in her juice and it slipped up and down her crack easily. TJ held the tip at her opening and pushed forward anime sex toon rape

"TJ, don't. I have never had a cock in my ass anime adult japan before" TJ pushed harder. Jennifer began to wiggle, it was just what he wanted. As her ass wiggled back and forth to avoid his thick shaft it began to open. TJ grabbed her hips and pulled towards her. Jennifer groaned as his thick cock plunged into her ass. TJ stared down at his dick, buried up to his balls in her ass. He began to thrust, sliding the length of his shaft in and out of her freshly speared ass. brutal rape comics

She moaned as the porn manga anime pain subsided and the pleasure increased. Soon she was bucking her hips wildly on his rod, trying to force more of it in her. TJ was nearing his climax. He reached around her leg and massaged her clit. Jennifer's knees went weak as she orgasmed. Cum oozed from her empty cunt and her ass clamped down on TJ's buried cock. He held back for as long as possible before he exploded inside her. His rod pulsed with each stream of steamy cum that sprayed into her ass. rape comics

Jennifer slipped anime adult fee two fingers into her pussy and brought herself to another orgasm. Her ass squeezed and pumped the remaining cum from TJ's prick. Slowly he pulled his dick out, her ass closed up as soon as it was free, trapping his jiz deep in her ass. Jennifer dropped to her knees, exhausted from the thorough fucking she had just received. TJ wondered how many other places in this house would soon be covered with the pool of her juice and cum that covered the counter. Well, there was only one way to find out.33055This happened to me about 2 years ago when I was 22, the summer before my last year at college (yes, I was on the 5 year program). I'd decided to spend the summer in town rather than go back home so I could hang out at the beach on the days off and party on the weekends. Though I'd moved out of the Fraternity a couple of years ago, the rent in the summer was so cheap I decided to move back in for the 3 months provided I'd get my own room – which I did violent comic adult anime cartoons

I took a job at the local Walgreen's to help japanese anime porn pay the bills - this is where I first met Josie. She was a pharmacology student at a nearby college while I was studying Poli Sci at the university. We hit it off pretty well, one party led to another, led to us in bed, led to us dating exterme teen rape comics

That summer nude anime pokemon pics was pretty much a blur, and though she was only 21, Josie was quite a bit more experienced than me in bed. I though we were trying a lot of new things, every possible position, keeping the lights on, making love in the shower. Only later did I learn that Josie was starting to get bored. See I guess my lack of experience made her hesitant to talk to me about some of the things she really wanted to try. It was 3 weeks before the next year was to start and she later admitted that she'd decided it was time for a change. There would be plenty of guys back to school come the start of the year, so she decided now was as good a time as any to figure out if she was going to stay with me or leave me and find someone more exciting anime adult gifs violent comic

That Friday, as anime art pics usual, we went out with a group from work after it closed. We went clubbing, drinking, and ended up back at her place where I'd often spent the night. It was about midnight but since both of us had the weekend off, she grabbed a couple more beers before we headed off to bed. We normally end up having sex before going to sleep, but that night I just kept getting more and more tired. By the time I fell in bed I couldn't have had sex with her if I'd wanted to (she later admitted that she'd put a mixture of a diuretic and sleeping pill in my beer) adult violent comics anime girls shrine

In the morning I woke up to her saying, "Oh pics of nude anime babes my god, what happened." I sat up thinking something was wrong, and then realized her hand was on my crotch and I was completely wet. "You wet the bed! You wet the bed like a little baby," she said. I just stammered, not sure what to say comix roberts violent sister extreme adult anime gallerys

"Well at least you're still hard," manga anime adult she said, "move over here and at least get out of the wet spot." Next thing I knew she was on top of me and just really attacking me. I mean our love making can sometimes be intense, but this was a whole new level. She came at least 3 times, getting me even wetter with her cum, the last time my orgasm setting her off again. We collapsed together and when we regained our composure a little, she just said, "don't worry about it, accidents happen to all of us." I started to say something but she just said "sshhhhhh" and kissed me rape comix anime adult fee

Throughout the anime leg porn day I was so aroused from our lovemaking that morning I just couldn't get over it. 2 or 3 times throughout the day she'd say things like "how's may baby doing," or "aren't wet again are you." It was always said with a big smile so I just took it all as a joke rape comic

That night (Saturday) we went out clubbing, dancing, had a rape comics great time. She was grinding against me the whole time like she'd never done and was just more wild than ever. I was walking around with a hard on virtually the whole night – thank goodness the it's really dark in that club. When we got back home she went in the kitchen and came out with 2 beers. This time though, she said, "Race ya." We'd done this several times and I usually won, but she was a good challenge. No different that night as I beat her again drawing rape anime xxx pics

She just smiled and uncut anime pics said, why doesn't the victor come get his spoils, as she stripped on the way to the bedroom. Well I was right behind her and we fell into making love quickly, both very turned on from the day. However, after 5 or 10 minutes I started to get tired. She just stood up, looking at me, "Really? I remember what happened last night and I will NOT have you getting my bed wet again just because you party too late.

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I looked at her confused, thinking that was all anime porn hentai babe behind us. "I won't wet the bed again," I said


"I know you won't," adult anime for sale she yelled over her shoulder as she left the room. She came back in, "and I'm going to make sure of that. Tonight you're wearing a diaper," she said as she brought in a pack of adult diapers

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"What, no" I tried to protest but it was getting harder toon furry anime porn to push her away (later she admitted that she'd also spiked my beer that night as well)

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"Look, I don't know anime girls wearing thongs what happened last night, but I don't want a wet bed again tomorrow morning. Here's the deal, you wear diapers tonight, if you're dry in the morning then no harm, and in fact to make it up to you, I'll do anything sexually you want, anything."

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So I figure, what's the big deal, I'd always hot hentia anime pics wanted to see her with another girl and here was my chance, so I gave in, half asleep as she pulled the diaper around me, then pulling me next to her I drifted off

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The next morning I woke anime hentai picture gallery up with her hand on my penis, rock hard, only then did I remember I had the diaper on. I heard her whisper, "someone was very bad and wet himself again last night.

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I suddenly realized she was right, my head anime porn films was spinning and I didn't know what to think, but she kept stroking me. "You were very bad, you know that," she said

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"Yes, very bad" anime porn comics I said, playing along as she rubbed me harder and harder. I'd never seen her look like this before - so turned on. "Tell me how bad you are," she whispered

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"I'm so anime porn babes bad," I croaked.

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"Does the bad manga anime adult boy want to cum?

"Oh yes" I said as I was already so close. rape anime She squeezed my balls and rubbed me through the diaper, looking her in the eyes. I saw them glaze as suddenly I came, so hard. I saw here tremble, almost as if she'd cum at the same time

She sat on my face and was wetter than I'd ever anime dirty pair flash pictures seen her in my life. My tongue just touched her and she started to moan, cumming harder than I'd ever seen her, flooding my face with sweet juices. After about 10 minutes I realized I really had to get up and pee. I asked her if we could stop for a minute so I could, but she said no use the diaper

At this point I figured what the hell. As she ground hot pics of anime shows her pussy against my mouth I started to pee. I felt her hand on the diaper, heard her mutter, "Oh god" and she came. I'd never known anyone to cum like this, clamping my head so I could barely breathe, her whole body shaking, literally squirting cum all over my face

She rolled off hot japanese anime pics me and just looked at me, smiling. She told me how that was more intense than anything she'd ever experienced. How she'd never done anything like that and couldn't believe how much it turned her on. She asked, almost casually if id mind wearing diapers for her again some time, not all the time, but maybe to mix things up