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"Get your arms around me, Now we're going anime + porn + pics down, down, do-shit!" Manson's voice abruptly halted, so close to the end of the song and the end of the show, yet now things went wrong, he had only barely dodged out of the way as a stage techie screwed up, and one of the huge spot lights came crashing down, slamming into the stage at the very spot where Manson had been at not moments ago. violent comics anime series pics

Manson stood up, almost as though the anime hardcore porn shards of glass embedded into his skin and little to no effect on him what so ever, though that was only half from the smashed light, and half from the wine bottle he had purposely cut himself with on stage. porn anime comic rape

"GOD DAMNED STUPID FUCKING IDIOT!!! TELL THAT LITTLE DIP SHIT HE'S anime furry porn FIRED! I COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!!!!" Manson screamed at his stage manager as he exited the stage, the man nodded hastily and ran off in the other direction, anything to be away from Manson when he was so obviously in a bad mood, and for good reason too. violent erotic comix erotic anime

The raven haired shock rocker's pale skin anime leg porn was covered in blood and sweat from his neck all the way down to his knee high boots. The blood didn't show on black thong, corset, or gloves that extended to his elbows, but was undeniably there. He stalked into the shower room and stripped down out of what little clothing he wore without any modesty to speak of as one of his lackies turned on the water and Manson stepped underneath the spray of hot water adult drawing rape comics quality anime pictures

"Just get the fuck out of hardcore anime here!" Manson demanded sharply, causing the lackie to practically jump right out of his skin. As if his word were law, everyone in sight scrambled away, leaving him to shower in peace, which he did for a while before retrieving a pair of tweezers and carefully removing as many broken shards of glass from his skin as he could. Once done with that he stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off before going out into his dressing room and sitting down on the couch to apply medicine onto his cuts then standing up and going threw his duffle bag to pull out his spare set of clothes, black leather pants, tight black sleeveless silk shirt and got dressed, along with the black knee high boots that he had been wearing before and plopping down with an annoyed sigh anime rape pictures rape comic

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Meanwhile, an unknown figure anime hardcore porn was roaming around aimless, the short blonde haired boy didn't really know where he was going, but he tired to look as though he actually fit in. That wasn't an easy task considering that he was on the verge of going into fits of hyperventilation from his current state of excitement. Big baby blue eyes scanned over the backstage area that he had so sneakily found his way into, he had even gone threw the trouble of getting a fake backstage pass, and it wasn't a cheap one either, so he didn't get hassled at all by security, more than likely it was amused that he was a sound tech, or some other nerdy backstage job sense he didn't look the part of the average Marilyn Manson fan. anime uncut adult hentai cartoon rape

In actuality, Jamie Slyver wasn't anime girls having sex with tenticals having his pay checks signed by Marilyn Manson at all, he was a journalist, well... a new found journalist trying to make his way, and prove that he could be a valued writer. He was fresh out of collage, and it was quite rare for an editor to take a chance on a rookie with such an important story, but Jamie had done so well in school, that his talent couldn't be denied, and so.. the music zine that Jamie now worked for took a chance on him. This was Jamie's big break, he knew that he might never get another opportunity like this again if he were to screw up. anime adult free rape comix

I can't believe that I'm actually here.. backstage.. at a Marilyn beautiful anime girls Manson concert! Jamie wasn't quite sure how he was even breathing, he'd never dreamed that he'd be able to come so close to his rock idol, well.. actually, he had dreamed about meeting Manson quite often, and not all of those dreams were..well, innocent, to say the very least, but Jamie knew that those were only dreams.. and this was actually real. He knew that because he'd pinched himself earlier to make sure, and sure enough, he was really here, and it had hurt comix violent anime nude pics

Jamie's current dressing was quite simple, nothing that would really sexy anime draw to much attention to himself. Not only was it bad for him to get to much attention because it would more than likely get him kicked out, but also because he was really shy, especially about his body. He wore baggy clothing, his khaki pants hung off of his slender hips, which really only made him look thinner than he actually was, alone with the over sized plain navy blue t-shirt that he wore. He looked more like a roadie than a groupie, which he really was neither, though he'd had quite a few good fantasies about being a groupie. Inside one of the pockets of his pants was a small note pad and a small camera. He didn't really need to take pictures for his article, that was more or less for personal use, he was after all still a loyal fan, perhaps even a fan before a writer, and he couldn't help himself but to take a few keepsake photos. violent comic anime girls doing it

Right after the show had ended adult anime movies and Manson came off the stage, Jamie was close enough to hear him screaming in a fit of anger. The sound made Jamie feel as though his heart had simply stopped working at all, his body froze in place and he was almost sure that he wasn't going to be able to move again. Yet even still, he found some way to make his legs start to work and he followed after Manson, carefully trying not to be heard. The whole time he simply stood outside the door to his dressing room, his heart pounding wildly as he waited for something to happen.. anything. He knew that he shouldn't go inside, or even dare to take a peek, he idly wondered if Manson had even gotten dressed yet. The thought of personally seeing Manson naked made his insides twist in delight adult violent comics xxx anime porn

Manson sighed deeply, anime girls gallery pouring himself a glass of Absinthe, the bright green liqueur filling the clear glass elegantly. He was somewhat aware that someone was following him around, more than likely just some fan, he didn't address it, or even really acknowledge the fact that anyone was around. He figured that whoever it was hadn't made themselves known because he was to star struck and would probably lose their nerve and run away. Manson didn't particularly like or want to put up with any fan that was to afraid to even speak to him, though with his given mood, it wasn't really all that surprising that anyone would be to scared to step up to him.Though if he started taking pictures he'd have to do something about it. He smirked to himself taking a small sip of the strong drink, the bitter licorice flavor sliding down his throat. He started to reapply his make-up, though he didn't do it nearly as heavy as he did for the shows, simply a small amount of black eye shadow and liner, with deep crimson painted lip, both of which contrasted nicely with his soft pale skin. Even though it wasn't for a show, he was still careful with his make-up doing it perfectly comics torture rape

Jamie felt as though his knees had simply anime uncut clips turned into jelly and he could no longer move at all, every inch of him was trembling, he even had to grasp a hold of the wall from fear that he might simply fall down to the floor. His mind was telling him that he should run away, that he wasn't meant to be here, and he was going to get himself into deep shit if he stayed around. In the back of his mind he could almost hear himself getting screamed at by the shock rocker, maybe even worse.. who knows, he may even end up on the wrong end of Manson's tensions for that night and literally kicked out on his ass. Even with all of those fears running wild in the back of his mind, he still had to do this, he had to find some way to get his interview, and perhaps even a nice snap shot his idol for himself, some kind of proof that he was actually here, not that he really wanted to brag about it to anyone else, he just wanted something solid that could tell him that this was really happening to him, and that he wasn't going to wake up in his bed back in his apartment, disappointed that it was only a wild dream. comix roberts violent sister

The blonde haired boy bit down harshly on his own anime bondage bottom lip, repeating over and over in his mind that this had to be done, he couldn't just wimp out of shit like he always did when there was fear of failure or embarrassment. It would be far more embarrassing to have to go back to work empty handed.Jamie forced himself to stop over thinking everything, and decided that he should start with something small, a picture! Maybe Manson wouldn't even notice. Jamie had yet to even look into the room once Manson had emerged from the bathroom, what if he was still naked? Jamie couldn't help but think that it was wrong to get a picture of Manson naked, no matter how wonderful and hot that may be, he secretly hoped that he was, despite his mind saying how wrong it was. After one deep breath, Jamie pulled out his camera, and leaned past the door frame and snapped one really quick photo and just as quickly retreating to lean against the wall, panting heavily for air and hoping that he didn't get caught, his eyes closed softly. He'd got such a rush from doing that, it didn't matter than Manson had been dressed, even though it would of been great to get a shot of him naked, it was equally as exciting to get to one of him fully dressed and with his make-up. exterme teen rape comics xxx anime

Unfortunately for Jamie, Manson's hearing was quite keen and his senses anime art pics sharp, the slight soft of the camera snapping didn't go unnoticed to him, partially because he'd been aware that Jamie was there in the first place. violent sex comix

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Manson anime girls having sex with tenticals screamed at the person who he could not see, but figured was still close enough to hear him. He got up quickly, figuring whoever it was would probably try to run now. He narrowed his eyes darkly in the direction of the door as he quickly rose and stalked over to the door, stepping about half way out a looking around, immediately he spotted Jamie, slightly surprised that he was still standing against the wall outside the door. He roughly snagged him by the neck of his shirt and dragged him inside of the dressing room, slamming the door closed behind him. Manson pushed Jamie up against the closed door, looking down and spotting his camera, quickly snatching it from him and ripping the roll of film right out of it rape toons

Jamie felt as though dominatrix nude anime pictures he were going to die from a heart attack as he yelled at him yet again. His whole body went numb in fear, unable to run away, which allowed for his captured. He thought that he was scared before, but that couldn't compare to how he was feeling now, being stared down by the man that he both feared and admired so greatly. Part of him simply wished to disappear, he knew that Manson wasn't happy with him, and having someone like Manson pissed off at him, it really scared the fuck out of Jamie. His heart pounded faster than every, giving him the feeling as though it might actually burst right out of his chest at any moment.

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"Who the fuck adult japanese anime told you that you could take pictures?" Manson didn't scream at the boy this time, his voice much lower than before, but he still sounded very pissed off, his voice cold and hard. Jamie refused to look into the eyes that he knew were dead on him, afraid that Manson might somehow be looking right threw him and try to steal his soul, the thought was laughable, completely ridiculous, but Jamie wasn't laughing. He knew ofcourse that Manson couldn't really do that, but it was still scary from being in this situation, it was like his dreams coming true, and being altered into a horrifying nightmare.


Manson eyed the boy up and down, noting the pass around adult anime themes his neck, he quickly pick it up with his free hand that wasn't holding the boy that he didn't know the name of, and quite frankly didn't care. It only took Manson a mere moment to realize that the pass was fake, despite the effort put into it to make it look real

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"This isn't even a real fucking pass!" Manson snapped at the anime porn movies boy, causing him to recoil in fear. He was quaking quite badly, which didn't go unnoticed by Manson. Jamie bit down on his lip once again, trying to slink away, but Manson wouldn't allow that. It was obvious that Manson was expecting him to say something, simply standing there silently looking at Jamie. He was starting to cool down just a bit. He knew that Jamie had good reason to be fearful, he was quite intimidating, he'd been having a rather bad day after all. If it had been a usual day then he might not even minded so much about the boy being there, at least he might not of been so mean about it. Though the spot light almost killing him wasn't even the worst part. The brutal break up with his now ex-girlfriend played in the back of his mind. Things had not ended well between the two of them, and Manson wasn't exactly thrilled about it, so he was in no mood for anything other than drinking his bottle of Absinthe and having a good fuck. His anger started to ebb away and an amused smirk started to toy over his face as he looked over the obviously very frightened young man.

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"Well... Aren't you going to say anything?" He asked in hot young girls anime images an annoyed voice, though a small amount of amusement could barely be heard behind his words after he'd stood there for a few moments and Jamie still hadn't said anything at all, which was starting to become rather bothersome

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Jamie wasn't sure how long anime tentacles pictures he'd been there, but it was starting to feel like forever and he still hadn't been able to calm himself down. He tried his best to try to calm down enough to speak, but it wasn't working very well, any words that he tried to get out seemed to simply stick in the back of his throat and refused to come out. For a split second Jamie turned his gently blue glassy orbs up to the man's face when he heard that Manson didn't sound as pissed of as he initially was, and saw the smirk that was now toying over his lips. Seeing how amused Manson looked, it was almost as frightening as his screaming at him in anger. Just as quickly as he had looked up at his idol, his eyes were focused back downwards. Jamie finally worked up the courage to actually say something to Manson, though his words were not words that anyone could ever expect to hear coming from someone who seemed as afraid as he did

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"I..I'd do it girl anime again in a heart beat.." He had meant for his words to be bold and strong, trying to do away with the attitude that he was showing of a scared child, though it didn't work out so well. Even though Jamie's words had been bold and daring, his voice came and small and cracked, giving away very insecurity that he was feeling at that time, and the volume was barely even audible

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Manson couldn't help but laugh in amusement at that, the anger asian anime cartoons pictures and hostility that he had been feeling towards Jamie was all but gone now. He smirked broadly, though it went unnoticed by the blonde, sense he was still gazing at the floor as though it were the most interesting thing in the world, "Well, you're got balls, I'll give you that much." Manson finally released his hold on Jamie, giving him back his camera before going to sit back down on his couch, retrieving his drink and taking another sip as he gazed over at Jamie as he toyed the roll of film back and forth between his fingers idly

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"So, any good shots on this?" He asked Jamie rape comics with interest, his eyes still fixated over on the blonde, he was undeniably attractive, even though his clothing wasn't as relieving as he usually liked, he had a hunch that the boy underneath it all was a nice looking one

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Jamie let out a deep shaky sigh of relief when adult anime galleries he was finally let go of, though he was still trembling slightly from the whole ordeal. He was lucky that he's managed to say anything once, but actually speaking to Manson? That was really close to becoming a conversation, could he really do that? Jamie reminded himself that he had to, it was the whole reason that he was here after all.. to get Manson to talk to him. He couldn't let himself get nervous, not when he was so close. He opened his mouth to start to say something, but he didn't even get the first syllable out before there was a knock at the dressing room door

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"Yeah?" Manson responded to la blue girl anime the knock at the door, a little bit annoyed about the disturbance. The door opened, pushing Jamie back who had not moved from the place where Manson had much him up against the wall, letting out a small 'epp' sound and stepped out of the way. looking to the person who stepped into the room, It was Manson's stage manager

"I took care-" The man started to speak, but quickly noticed japanesse anime pictures Jamie and narrowed his eyes at him. Jamie erked and turned away from the stage manager, who obviously recognized him, mostly because Jamie had caught the man in the bathroom in a very compromising situation in the bathroom while he was exploring around backstage, the man had been making odd sounds in one of the stalls, pleasurable sounds. Ofcourse, Jamie's curiosity became the best of him and he couldn't help himself but go into the stall next to the one the stage manager was in and stand up on the toilet. He had peeked over the thin wall only to see the middle aged man jerking off to gay erotic porn. Jamie actually got a snap shot of his acts, which didn't go unnoticed by the man, though thankfully for Jamie he wasn't able to get his pants up and and catch the blonde before he got a chance to get out of there and make himself scarce. It had been quite funny at the time, though now Jamie wasn't feeling quite as amused

"You! Sorry about that sir, I'll get red of this little cute hot anime pics punk right away!" The man said as he grabbed Jamie roughly be the arm and started to try and pull Jamie out of the room, only to meet resistance from the blonde, letting out a small pathetic whimper.

Manson smirked broadly for a short moment before giving anime pics his stage manager a cold and stern look, looking as though he were actually pissed off, though that wasn't really that case. Really he simply liked to frighten the man, it was one of his favorite forms of entertainment, "Don't you fucking talk that way about one of my fans! Get your hands off of him, and remove yourself, and get my bus brought around, Now!" Manson yelled at him, causing the man to jump slightly before he did just as he was told and released Jamie to leave the room quickly, looking as though he were about to wet his pants.

Manson chuckled darkly, a hot anime girls sound that Made Jamie shiver slightly, "Well, was there something that you wanted or did you just come to stand there looking at me life a fool?"