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"Clayton please, I need to fucking anime pics be fucked, c'mon baby!" I pleaded with him. "I want your hard cock in my cunt right now!"

"Mmmmmmm", he moaned, licking my anime girls getting raped slit from bottom to top. "Tastes soooo good". Clearly he was ignoring my request! I wouldn't have minded the extra innings except the fact that after more than two orgasms my clit becomes really sensitive. Also, I had the spreader bar between my legs so there was NO way I could resist! I loved that he adored pussy eating, but now I feared I had created a monster! He ate me with such greed that I was afraid I'd pass out from pleasure!

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"Clayton baby please, rape anime stop, my clit is freaking out there!" I said. His response? Sucking on my clit full force! I instantly orgasmed! The waves rose through me, the spreader bar adding to the effect. His fingers penetrated my asshole again and I knew I was going to cum. I tried in vain to close my legs, but couldn't. He tongue-fucked my pussy hole and moaned. The vibrations were wonderful!

"Oh Clayton, yes YES!" I cried, rubbing anime art pic my hole all over his face. "That's it, YES! Eat your pussy! It's all yours! OH YES!" I came hard, and then started to relax. I begged him to fuck me, but after planting a few kisses on my inner thighs, he moved his head down to my crotch and ate me some more!

"Clayton please, I can't pictures of anime take it anymore! Untie me, Clayton!" I begged, tears in my eyes. "My clit is throbbing and my asshole is burning!" I needed him in me, right now!

"You want me to fuck you?" he nude anime said, those dreamy blue eyes mesmerizing me. "I'll fuck you. And I'll fuck you good and hard." He uncuffed my ankles from the bed, leaving the spreader bar on my legs.

"I'll fuck you REAL good and hard, baby!" He lifted anime adult fee my legs up to my chest. With one thrust, his cock rammed into my soaking wet pussy.

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"Oh god, CLAYTON!" I screamed. "Yes, oh yes, fuck me hard, best adult anime fuck your pussy good and hard baby!" And fuck me hard he did! I came all over his cock! He was thrusting hard and deep into my wet hole, his fingers twisting my nipples. I pulled at the leather cuffs in agony. I couldn't move and he knew it. I bit my lip, bucking my hips to meet his. He leaned down and, grabbing my lips with his, he sucked on my mouth. As he fucked me hard, his tongue rammed deep into my mouth, his kiss leaving me in an ocean of pleasure and pain.

The fucking was anime porn comics always great with Clayton. I mean, sure, the foreplay was better than anyone else I'd been with, but when it came to the actual dick-in-pussy part, he was the man! I wanted him to give it to me doggie-style, but I don't think he wanted to go through the trouble of untying me just yet.

"You like my hard cock in your wet pussy, don't adult animes you, you slut?" he said smiling. He kissed all around my ankles, which tickled me and left me giggling. I shivered and my nipples ached from their lovely abuse. I started deep into his eyes before closing them to enjoy my pounding. I could smell his sweat. Our fucking felt like it had gone on forever, as I felt like I was floating on air. The more he pounded me, the more I came. When he began to grunt, I could tell that he was close to cumming.

"Aah, jeez, here I go!" he cried. With that, he thrust anime porn hentai deep into me. I gave a yelp as the sharp pain spread throughout my pussy. He always likes to go out with a bang, so he pounded me real hard a few more times before collapsing his head onto my breasts.

After he came, he gently licked from my breasts up to nude anime girls in dbz my neck. He then uncuffed me and held me close. Even though I think he is crazy sometimes, I felt comfort in the thought that I was all Clayton's and he was all mine. 33055She was just about ready for it, she thought. But nothing could have ever prepared her for the sight of it, going in and then just sticking out of her like that!... it looked so painful, but it wasn’t. Maybe it wasn’t because she wasn’t sensitive to the pain anymore, but the guys didn’t think it should hurt much, either

They’d been preparing her for this for about half an hour. porn anime cosplay First, they all stripped, of course, and she looked fine, with her full bosom and nicely shaped body. The two men, Jason and Bob, were in pretty good shape too, if a little lacking in sporty-ness. Not too muscular, but attractive and with just a hint of tummy; pretty typical of modern man… hot anime violent toons

Then they said bloody anime pictures to her that she must give her body up to them, at least for the few hours to come. They’d agreed to this when they set the whole thing up, during quite a few late-night hours spent in the Internet chat room. They had been friends for a long time, but there was still quite a bit of the thrill, of the feeling of risk left—especially for her. Being adventurous, and being a little unstable (her friends sometimes said that to her), she enjoyed it and let herself go with the flow. They’d never been apart until each had to go to college, but managed to stay well in touch via the ‘net. Indeed, they really stayed in touch: perhaps, had they not used the chat service, they never would have got this far with their fantasy japanese anime uncut toon rape

When the japanese anime pictures guys told her: “Gloria, you have to lie down now,” she knew what it really meant. exterme rape comics anime images of toon girls

They were taking over completely. She sweet anime pictures was not to be tied up, that was one of the agreements they had, but she was to let them do anything to her that they wanted, before ‘the programme,’ as they called it, would begin violent erotic comix xxx porn anime link

Actually, the feeling in the room was quite relaxed, but anime picture sites they all enjoyed, underneath the smiles, the feeling of uncertainty: would they all really go through with this? Would she allow them? Would the men do everything just like they’d planned? There was a little tension, and she could feel it… everywhere. The guys were a little tense, but the sight of her naked and vulnerable, nipples hardening (was it the cold?)—it made them half-hard too. anime porn videos violent comix

Jason decided he was the one dirty anime girl pics who should start. This part was open to improvisation, they had to go with their intuition until juices started to really flow, and then their planned fantasy could roll out. Yeah it was weird, but they were all for it, they wanted to experience it, which made it all OK. free rape comics

So Jason looked into Gloria’s eyes anime porn dbz and whispered “I’m gonna soak you down there,” winked smilingly and moved to start taking her pussy in his mouth. anime porn babes lesbian rape cartoons

No kissing, he was blowing cold air onto it with his jap anime pics wide open mouth, and gently grinding his teeth into her flesh. She moaned, she wasn’t expecting that sensation, and immediately felt her lips flush, a little wave of sensations rushed over her. Bob decided he’d join Jason in pleasuring Gloria, and since he was excited from seeing her reaction he told her to look up and see his prick stand out. He knew from before she loved the sight of a hard cock, and this time she mumbled an approving “Mmmmmm…” as he was stroking himself for her to see. comix violent hentai anime ecchi cartoon porn

“Come here, I wanna touch it,” she said reaching out. pics anime rape comics

He gave his dick to her and she put her japanese anime pictures fingers on it, feeling the hardness—not for long though, because Jason from below was starting to use his tongue to fuck her pussy lips while ‘massaging’ her outer cunt with his teeth. rape comix anime links porn

Bob knew it was now really time to anime hentai picture gallery act. Her thighs spread, on her back, Jason in between her legs, the only thing Bob could do was to kiss her. Kiss her lips, massage her tits, lower himself to take the nipples in his mouth, bite her gently. He knew Jason was still mashing his teeth into her groin so the sensation must be double if he teeths her titties as well—and boy, was it good for her! She was now moaning, pulling them by their hair, into her, harder, she was feeling the heat rise. Bob rose up despite her little protests and pinched her nipples with his fingers. His dick was standing out as he was kneeling on the bed beside her, she could see it and her eyes sparkled. Pinching again, he pulled the nipples upwards, and again, and again… she could really feel it, harder and harder every time. Grabbing hold of one nipple with both hands so it couldn’t slip from his grasp, he pulled as hard as he could without hurting her too much, lifting all of her big tit—by the nipple. Jason looked up, drawn by Gloria’s deep moan. hentai anime rape exterme teen rape comics

“Shit, man, you’re anime hentai gonna rip it right off her!,” he said, only to hear Gloria protest: rape sex comics anime panty pics

“No waaayy… feels so good, pull disney anime porn it some more!...” rape comic

So he pulled and pulled, then turned his attention to the sweet anime pictures other boob, and Gloria was squirming like a bitch in heat. The nipple Bob had abandoned was swollen and red, but it didn’t hurt, he’d only made her horny. It was burning OK, but no pain—just lust. comic rape anime girl puss pics

Her pussy was now being eaten xxx porn anime good and proper. Fingers fucking in and out of her, tongue lashing at her clit, she was just too close to cumming for comfort, and her titties were burning. The two men could see that, and realized it must be about time uncut anime violent sex comix

With Bob still caressing her, touching and feeling japanese anime adult pictures her breasts, letting one hand drop down to her flooded pussy from time to time, Jason went into their bag and got out the needles. That was the second phase of their fantasy. First, he gave Bob the cream he was supposed to rub into her flesh: a cream similar to what people use to numb their pain, in that it gives the area where it’s rubbed a burning feeling, but it didn’t do much in terms of numbing any sensations. Quite the contrary, the three would eventually find gary roberts rape comics fucking anime pics

Now she was all nude anime pics disney prepped up: fiery red tits and pussy, glistening, and having been ‘that’ close to orgasm at least four times… she could take anything. So they took the first needle and pushed it gently into her soft flesh. They knew there’d be no blood, though the needle was quite thick. It was sterile of course, just like in their fantasy. Their fantasy was that they’d use this method to ‘get inside’ her, deeper than her skin, to reach into her flesh and she would let them in, she’d cum when the needles were inside her tits and when both men would cum inside her pussy… they’d all cum, they hoped, at the same time… toon rape comics

Each breast anime art girls was supposed to take at least two needles, and she wasn’t feeling any pain on the first one. She asked for the second one, and asked for it to go in faster because she was hot, so as Bob was shoving it in, Jason picked the third one and twisted its tip into her other tittie. Closer to the hard nipple, Jason wanted it to move when he’d twist her nips, to cause sensations deep in her flesh and not just on her skin. She looked down again, opening her eyes from the moan she’d just let out, and saw there were three in now:

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“Ohhhhh gaawd,” she groaned and pushed her pussy skyward. anime erotic pics She was on fire

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The guys took turns twiddling the needles and dirty anime pics then gave in to the desire building up in their groins: Gloria let Bob underneath her (her titties jiggling with the needles still plunged deep inside them), and his rigid cock immediately found its way into her squishy cunt. Right away, Jason positioned himself, expecting this to be a little difficult: he tried to enter her too, next to Bob. It was easy… so easy! Much easier than expected. He slid almost right in, with almost no effort. She was gaping for their cocks, her whole body squirming. Her nipples out into the cool air, burning red, being pinched by the men. They started working her pussy out with their horny dicks and she was cumming in no time… cumming uncontrollably, wildly, screaming from time to time and moaning constantly. Her pussy was so wet and so opened up that the two men couldn’t get enough friction to cum quickly, they were pushing their dicks against each other, trying to get themselves off inside her! She was shouting “I’m yours, I’m open, I’m yours for the taking, just feel me, how deep you are inside… how I feel you throbbing…” She got enough control to lift her hands in front of her body and grab at her cunt, opening further, letting the soaked balls slap directly against each other, freeing them as much as she could from the restraints of her thighs, and her lips, to get inside as deep as they ever could. Of course, she could feel them, as though in a dream, banging deep in her against her cervix, hurting a little, but that didn’t count one bit! All she wanted was to swallow the men, completely, utterly, to let them merge into her, and here they were

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“Aaaaah!,” sexy anime porn

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“Aaaaarggggghhhhmm!” adult anime cartoons

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They were cumming at the same time, on the waves of adult anime art her own orgasms, deep inside her, as deep as they ever could. Jason let himself pulsate a few times inside her, then—as planned—took it out and let all his remaining cum flood her mouth, her chin and neck, and drip onto her tits. She swallowed, deeply hungry, all she could, while slapping at her own pussy fiercely with her left hand, with her right milking Jason hard into her mouth. Bob was feeling the nails of her fingers on the root of his dick as the slaps were landing onto her cunt. He was going softer, and her slaps slowed down too. She only gave herself about ten hard pussy spanks, but her clit was really swollen. Bob’s dick fell out of her and she grabbed at it, milked it for the cum that was left and brought the creamy stuff to her mouth, to be swallowed hungrily. Her pussy lips completely numb, she almost thought she’d faint, but managed to say “I’m yours now…”

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Jason collapsed next to the other anime picture two. He turned to hug them, and felt the needles in Gloria’s breasts. Before he would let himself glow with his friends, he had to remove the needles. They left small red dots on her skin, of which one was bleeding slightly. Bob was looking, and noticed it too. They both bent their heads to lick it up, together. It was her blood now, inside them.I arrived in Denver the night before, quite late and was greeted by you at the airport. Taken by your late night beauty and amazed that you were still willing to pick me up, you drive me to my hotel, and being so late, I suggest that we retire for the night, get rested up and meet up tomorrow after my conference for my studies. I can see the reluctance in your eyes, but you willingly leave me with sultry smile and a soft kiss upon my lips, but not before exchanging pleasantries about how good it is to finally be in one another's presence. I watch you drive off and head my way in to check in to my room. Once there, and after a nice shower session of slow jacking and imagining you are doing much the same in the sanctuary of your room after finally being with me but not being able to do a thing about it yet, I lay on my bed envisioning the day ahead of us.

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My conference ran late, and nude anime girls in dbz after several missed calls to my cell phone, I finally get back to my room, shower, and give you a call. You say that you have plans for us, as you want to take me to a new club that opened up. One that you have never been to yet but have heard enticing stories about it.

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"Sounds good to me...." I say, as I hang up and anime porn mpegs proceed to get ready in the 20 minutes before you get to my hotel. I thrown on my best pair of jeans and a satin looking black Billabong shirt, gel my hair, and proceed down to the lobby to wait.

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In a few hantai anime porn minutes your car pulls up in the front. I watch as I see a slight grin break your lips and a tempting bite on your lower lip as I walk to your passenger door. As I slide in to the seat, lean to my left to place a soft peck upon your cheek, your head unexpectedly turns, greeting my lips with your own. We sit there for a brief moment, lips plastered to one another's, not sure of what the next move is. The surprise kiss breaks and we stare one another down with no words to interrupt our gaze. We smile and giggle softly to ourselves as we drive off.

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"It's not far from here." You anime girls getting raped say. As I sneak looks upon your tightly clad body. Your long dark tresses falling gently upon your shoulders, my eyes scan down past the gorgeous vision of your face to your body, wrapped tightly in a strapless black mini-dress. The majority of your long silky legs visible past the hem of your dress, leading down to stiletto dressed feet. My head swoons at the vision of decadence before me. We make small talk on the way to the club about my conference, my flight in, my hotel room, that to which I pass on the hint about you having to see it, the room is absolutely gorgeous. The direction of our conversation already apparent, you would be seeing that room one way or another tonight. Passing flirts in our words, fleeting glances and soft brushes of our hands, all telltale signs that our chemistry led far past our cyber connection.

The yearning for one another growing by the minute, the anime naked dragon ball z pics hopes that our stay at this club will be short-lived, we arrive at the front door of a long lined dance club. Dozens upon dozens of scantily clad women, and sharp dressed men line the sidewalk, while one woman in particular stood out to us. Standing apart from this line, this girl stood waiting idly as if waiting for someone special, a strange heavenly glow seemingly surrounding her, making her surroundings appear drab in comparison to her exotic beauty. Our heads turned to follow this woman, as her head turned to do the same, her gaze following our car as we headed for the parking garage

After leaving the car, anime porn to ema we head for the elevator and down to the street to brave the line. Upon turning the corner out of the structure, we are greeted by the slender figure of the same woman we saw illuminating the sidewalk earlier. Standing before the two of us enveloped almost in a halo of beauty, her long slender legs extending for miles below her tight leather skirt. Her hands neatly folded before her, streaming out of a see-through lace top with what looks to be another black lace bra beneath it. Her straight shoulder length blond locks falling neatly to the sides of her face, framing her beauty quite nicely. In awe of this vision, I stand and watch as you leave my arm to greet this girl. Not knowing you two know each other until you take her in your arms and embrace her, placing a soft peck upon her cheek. You motion for me to come forward and introduce me to this lovely

anime uncut org "Jay, this is Ash....a good GOOD friend of mine." You say

"A pleasure to meet you my dear." anime girl pics I say whilst taking her hand into mine and placing a kiss upon the back of it. With my pleasantries returned we proceed to the front door. Walking up to the gate, two lovely women on either arm of mine I feel like a king, ready to enter his kingdom of subordinates. All eyes upon us as we make our way through the crowd and up to the bouncer, whose eye's shift hastily between the two goddesses accompanying me. Ash whispers something to the man, and with a nod and a smile, the rope falls and we proceed past the mile-long line and into the darkness of the club