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"I like the way your nipples look when they sex with russian girls are outstretched from your boobs. I saw a picture on a website using the very same clamps and chain. I am going to attach the chain to your gag ring so when I want you to raise your head you will be the one inflicting the pain to your own nipples." He tormented. "Now tilt your head down while I clamp the chain to your gag. Now lift your head as if you were looking at me in the eyes.

I tilted my head slowly incest with russian girls and could feel my nipples being pulled upward. The pain was unbearable. I was scared I would tear my nipples off.

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He smacked my ass again hard and stated, "You're moving to xxx russian amateur slowly." With the smack on my ass I jolted my head upward and gave a hard tug on the clamps that were firmly attached to my nipples. My nipples were on fire and I was shaking in pain. He kneeled down and he grabbed one pussy lip he placed a clamp on one lip then the other he was tugging down on them then pulling them apart then, he pulled them back so my clit was exposed I could hear the tape again he was securing each clamp to my inner thighs.

He positioned himself under my legs. His fingers reached up and rate pictures of nude russian women started flicking my clit then he placed his thumb and forefinger on either side of my clit and squeezed and started to pull on my clit. Too many sensations for my body to handle all at once my breathing started to get faster and faster he knew I was close to an orgasm.

He demanded, xxx russian amateurs "You are not to cum until I give you permission. Maybe a little time alone will calm you down. While I am gone you may only lift your head up and down for a little pleasure." He stopped and stood up and I could hear him leaving the room. .

I started to move little russian young girls nude to get his attention so he wouldn't leave me all alone. He returned and he could tell I was very frustrated.

"Well! Well! He exclaimed. Do you nude russian girl really think that you moving around after me telling you not to do so will get the attention you want? I will not miss the game and since you seem not to listen to a word I say, maybe a lesson in discipline is just what you need so I may watch my game in peace. "I have something for you that will keep you occupied while I admire you, have a beer and watch my hockey game.

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I was not amused. He was teenage russian sex going to leave me tied up and go and watch TV and a hockey game at that!

He moved behind me and ran his hand down my russian teen rape picture back. He sent shivers down my spine and goose pimples started to show on my skin. His hand was rubbing my anus and it was feeling very exciting. He spread my ass cheeks as far apart as he could, then he placed a very cold cream on and in my anus. I felt his finger penetrate my anus and go inside he was moving around in a circular motion. It wasn't cold for long then I felt it getting hotter and hotter. I started to smell the aroma of the cream he applied. It was Vicks! He removed his finger and I could hear him remove his belt from his pants. Before I could adjust to what I knew he was going to do he came down hard across my ass with the belt hard. My body spasm with each crack he applied. The first few brought tears to my eyes then the pain started to feel good. He moved so the belt and started to slap my inner thighs. I thought I was going to fall with the feeling. He moved to my front. I cringed I hated my boobs being hit. He belted me on each nipple three or four times I was bucking with each strap. He could see the tears starting to fall down my cheeks. He stopped belting my breasts and started to belt my clit. It was so exposed with my pussy lips being pinned back with the clamps. I liked it when he slapped my clit with his hand. Now he was using a belt to get his point across.

He stopped sex with russian girls and said, " now that I have your attention maybe you will let me watch my game.

I nodded quickly and each time I nodded russia site sex I was pulling my clamped nipples up and down bringing more pain to my already battered boobs

I had no quarrel with him watching the game now I russian nude girls needed some time to gather my thoughts of what just happened to my body and me. My whole body was on fire outside and inside. Now that I had a few moments to recuperate, I could feel my ass burning, but it felt so good, my pussy was still throbbing with the vegetable still spreading the inside of my pussy wide open. My welts from being belted I'm sure some would start to subside soon. I was tired now from a long day at work, being restrained and being abused. I could hear him in the other room shouting at the TV trying to get his team to get a goal. I knew he would return soon because it was almost intermission. I was trying hard to mentally prepare for his return….

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Intermission had come and he returned to my side. russian picture gallery He didn’t say a word to me. He started to touch me where he beat me earlier. It felt hot, stung a little but, it felt itchy, all in all it felt good to be touched. He reached down and grabbed the veggie and wiggled it back and forth and started pushing it further inside. He undid my knee restraint and I almost fell down when I put my leg down. The veggie was uncomfortable I couldn’t put my legs together properly the thing was just too big. I was now bowlegged. He undid my other leg and wrists restraints. little girl nude russian russian female rape

“Down on all russian amateur virgin sex fours,” he demanded russian young girl nude pictures of russian woman

It was hard to move with russian girl nude pics the veggie inside. The veggie still taped securely inside my pussy and my ass was still on fire with the Vicks he placed earlier. When he tugged downward he extended my nipples setting them aflame again little russian young girls nude real russian incest pictures

“Wherever I go I want you nude russian young girls to follow on your hands and knees.” He made me follow him around the kitchen then the living room before he stopped and sat down. pictures of russian girls having sex with boys

“Keep crawling shared thumbnails sex russian around seductively for me and make sure I can see that squash, at all times, sticking out of that pussy of yours. When I call you I want you to come to my side quickly. Do you understand!”? He said sternly russian nude amateur pictures

“Anything to please you sir.” young nude russian girls I struggled around my gag to respond. teen russian girls picture

I crawl a little past him so he russian girl pics could see the squash sticking out the back end of me. He smacked it lightly a few times it felt nice but it sounded hollow when he hit it. I slowly crawled away keeping in mind not to turn my ass end out of his view. I swayed my ass end slowly and invitingly. I maneuvered around the room moving from side to side, all the while, sticking my ass up as high as I could. I would lift my head up from time to time pulling on my nipples. I knew this would please him bbs rape russia russianscan the best of russian girls

“Get back over to russian nudist pictures my side slave,” he commanded defloration rape russia nude russian girls

I quickly returned and stopped just in front of him and nude russian girls spread my legs. russian nude girl pics

“Very good little slave girl. Now I have another xxx russian present, this one is for your ass!” He glistened. illegal russian little girl incest pictures russian young teen sex

He started to rub my already burning anus thumbnail russian porn with his finger, and then he placed something cold against an anus and proceeded to penetrate my ass with it. It wasn’t as big as the other veggie I assumed it was a zucchini because of the texture. I didn’t think it was going to go in, because I was already stretched to the fullest from the huge squash. I started to move forward a little and he snapped the leach back tearing at my nipples and I quickly stopped and spread my legs farther apart so he could access my anus with the new veggie. He wasted no time pushing it inside now. With one swift movement the zucchini was inside my anus the only thing you could see was the nub at the end. My body was in shock from the pain. I could feel the zucchini and the squash as they rubbed together. nude russian wife pictures

“What a site, he said, I have very young russian girls nude pics never seen your pussy and ass stretched so far at once. I think this will be done more often to you and with bigger items. russian sex pictures nude pics russian

He pulled on the zucchini in and out russian girls adult of my ass making me moan with pain from the Vicks but sheer pleasure from it being so cold. I wanted to cum so bad and I knew I wasn’t allowed yet. He pulled the zucchini out to the edge and held it there he started to shake it at the opening of my anus. He knew by doing this it always made me have an orgasm. He wanted to make me cum so I would be punished again.

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Just then, he pushed the zucchini deep into my ass russian teenage girls and returned to watching the game again. I was so horny my whole body pulsated with longing for release. I just stayed on all fours looking into the darkness of my blindfold and trying not to slobber all over the place because of the gag. I started to move the zucchini with my anus muscles. I new this would get his attention averted back to me. I could feel the zucchini starting to move a little.

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“Very interesting,” he commented. “If it falls out, I just want sex russia to let you know that I do have another squash that is bigger and I have no qualms in replacing that zucchini with it.

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Needless to say, I stopped moving it russian illegal girls and just kept still and quiet

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While he watched the game he would reach real russian incest pictures out and give the squash a little shake and try to shove it deeper. Then he would move the zucchini in and out and he would slap my already tender ass just to make sure I was still paying attention. Any time he decided to get up and go for a beer or just to stretch his legs he made sure that I crawled in front of him so he could see the spectacle of both my ass and pussy filled to capacity as I tried to make my way in the darkness. My front half worked fine with the exception of my nipples, but my back half was a waddling on all fours.

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It was ten minutes into the third period so russian lesbian sex I still had some time left before he focused his attentions back to me. We had just returned from the kitchen when he wanted me to climb up onto the couch. (Now crawling around the floor was hard enough). I placed my right leg up onto the couch and he decided to help me along by lifting me up by my squash and zucchini. He pushed both deep inside stretching my pussy and ass even further open. I scrambled up fast; my pussy could only take so much of the huge squash.

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“Very good little slave naked russian girl girl, if this keep up and I keep stretching your pussy, maybe tonight I’ll pleasure you with my whole hand inside your pussy and fuck you with my fist.” He scoffed

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I couldn’t underground russian porn believe what I was hearing from him. He never once put more than two fingers inside me at once, now he wants to put his whole hand inside!!!

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Once I climbed onto russian incest pic the couch he positioned me face down with my arms above my head and my fingers locked, my nipples were rubbing the couch, and my right knee was propped on the back of the couch. He continued to watch the game while he played with my clit and his new toys. At times he would continue to slap my ass or just hold the zucchini at the edge of my hole and move it in a circular motion. He was driving me crazy and he knew it.

When the game was over and his young russian team lost, I knew he would punish me for the loss. He stood up and walked to the front of me and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back I thought he was going to rip my nipples clear off my body. He removed the nipple clamp chain that was attached to the gag, and then he removed the gag from my mouth. I moved my jaw trying to remove the stiffness

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“Now little slave girl, I want you to use your mouth top 10 russian porn sites and tongue on my asshole don’t forget to stick your tongue in as far as you can.

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I placed my mouth russian young nude teen pictures over his asshole and started to lick and suck his little buggered hole. My tongue darted wildly around the outside then the tip hit the spot and he started to relax so my tongue could enter him. I pushed my tongue inside his ass; he pulled his cheeks apart more so my tongue could enter him deeper. I pushed my tongue in and out then I started to apply a sucking pressure.

“Yes, that’s it, suck on my asshole… Yes, stick russian amateur pics that tongue deeper inside me…. “He moaned. He was getting very horny with my tongue sticking into his hole. His hole started to spasm around my tongue. He moved away from my mouth

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. He pretty russian girls demanded. I want you to lick my balls while my cock is deep in your throat.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed rate pictures of nude russian women his pre-cum all over my face and tongue. He placed his cock in my mouth and I started to suck on him. I licked and sucked his cock feverishly trying to please him. He placed his hands on either side of my head. He started to slide his cock deeper and deeper. I started to gag and pull back