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"Yeah, you my new russian girl nurse?

"Yes, Michael, I russian little girls am...will be for at least a couple weeks; name is Dawn, Dawn Thompson.

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"You're amber very sexy young russian girl sure a lot prettier than them other ones.

"Oh, Michael, c'mon. russian rape videos Thank you. They're all good nurses though, but thank you for being so sweet.

"So, what today? More physical therapy, I teen anna russian porn suppose?

There was an angry tone to his voice, russian teen pics but it was understandable. A young guy laid up, unable to get around like he was once did and of course the depression leading him to believe nothing would ever be the same. She looked down at the notes ignoring his comments for a moment. "Looks like you've been laid up almost six weeks now.

"Brilliant observation, nurse," he said, sarcastically. "You know what it's like sex in st petersburg russia to lay on your back for six weeks?

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"No, Michael, I don't. I can only imagine naked russian girl it would be horrible and probably very lonely.

"Yeah, it is. I used to be out almost every incest with russian girls night, drinking with my buddies, picking up women at the bar. You know how many of 'em have stopped by...none! Great bunch of fucking friends they are. All I've been seeing is old lady nurses until you came here. Hell, you don't even look old enough to be a nurse.

"Oh, Michael, you're such a kidder," she laughed, russian sex photos trying to break the tension. "Listen, I have to be your nurse first, but I can be your friend too!

"Yeah, well most russian teen sex of my friends don't stick me with needles and twist my legs around!" he joked, and for the first time, smiled.

She felt a sense of pride having broken illegal russian sex through his harshness and easing his anger. "I don't want to do any of those things, Michael, I really don't, but I'm afraid I have to. We need to get you well so you can get out with your friends and get some more of those women," she laughed. The smile on his face broadened.

"But," she said, "we nasty porno russian young wet sex do have to do a blood draw, take a urine sample and a little physical therapy...I'll be gentle though, I promise," she said, her voice soothing and reassuring rape russian girl

"Blood, every time it's blood and then a urine sample! You very young russian porn wanna hold my dick while I piss in a bottle," he said, his voice sounding angry again, or maybe he just testing her mettle. russian rape photos

At first his course language took her aback, russian granney sex but she remained calm. She was after all a trained professional and besides, even though she knew it was wrong, the thought of his cock excited her. Holding it while he urinated wouldn't be very professional and her next words to him wouldn't be either, but somehow she had to break through the nasty veneer of the man. "Sure Michael, if that's what it takes to get you through this, I'll hold your dick while you piss in a bottle for me; you'd like that wouldn't you! young russian girl toplist nude pic russian girls

All of a sudden the man laughed. "I like erotic russian pictures you, a lot more them then other ones. You do what you need to do! Sorry if I sounded a little gruff but you just don't understand what I've been through. russian sex slaves russian nude girl pics

"No, I probably don't, but russian incest pics we'll learn together and get you well. real young russian girls pictures of russian girls having sex with boys

"Would you really underground russian porn hold my dick while I pee?" he asked jokingly. nude russian girl illegal russian sex pictures

"Of course I defloration rape russia would," she teased. They both smiled at each other but it was time to get to work. Taking a syringe from her bag, she knew he must have seen these several times a week and probably was tired of them, but it had to be done. "Have to do a CK, you know, we have to check... russian incest pics illegal russian sex pictures

"I know, I know, russian school girls creatine levels and all that stuff or whatever...let's just do it. russian girls pics galleries russian picture photo women

She tightened teens pics russian mujweb the rubber banding around his arm, tapped it several times and inserted the needle into arm. She hit a vein easily in his muscular arm filling four vials of blood. "There, that wasn't so bad was it?" she asked him. Placing a ball of cotton on his arm, she taped it down and told him to crook his arm at the elbow and apply pressure to it. defloration rape russia russian rape pictures

"No, and now the big one before we russian sex stories start moving and twisting my legs around." He opened the pajama bottoms he wore moving them out of the way. His huge, uncircumcised cock was lying across his thigh. From her bag she pulled out a specimen bottle and handed it to him. Her eyes were locked on his cock climbing out of his bushy pubic hair. She believed she saw it twitch ever so slightly. Maybe not, but his cock looked so large and he wasn't even hard. Her mind flashed back to the night at the glory hole and to one man in particular. His cock was so long and thick, not unlike Michael's. She remembered being on her knees, tipping her head back and opening her throat to take his monster dick in as far as she could. She could still feel and taste the spicy cum surging hotly out of the small furrow across the head of his cock filling her unrelenting mouth and leaking back out over her lips. Her eyes stared dreamily at Michael's cock, wondering what it would be like to have it rammed in her mouth russian girl nude pics russian sex photos

"Hey, nurse, russian orphan porn earth to nurse!" he called out, almost howling with laughter catching her daydreaming eyes naked pictures of russian girls real young russian girls

"Sorry. Would you like me shared thumbnails sex russian to turn around while you do this?" she asked him erotic russian pictures russian women pictures nude

He chuckled. "I thought you were going illegal russian pics to help me!" His eyes burned into her deep blue eyes. She wondered if he was serious. "Just kidding, sweetheart, but you can watch...the rest of them don't seem to care, unless it bothers you to see something squirting out of my dick of course," Michael laughed again. She thought to herself if he only knew about her he would know what a ridiculous comment it was. Maybe by now though, she wondered, maybe he really did know young russian nude girl pics russian rape site

"C'mon, Michael, I'm a nurse. russian incest explicit pics I've seen men do this, I've put catheters in for pete's sake. naked russian incest pictures

"Maybe you can do it someday for Mike's russian girl teen little sake," he joked. He moved to his side and holding the the open end of the bottle down by the head of his cock and began to fill it but his eyes remained on her face. She didn't notice he was looking at her, watching him place the end of his cock at the top of the bottle, she stood mesmerized. He pulled the skin back and his pee began to trickle out filling the small bottle. He capped the bottle of yellow fluid letting the rest run into a bed pan. "Here you go, sweetie," she heard him say as he handed her the specimen bottle and moved the bed pan to the floor. His words broke her concentration on his cock young russian sex russian women pictures nude

"Thanks, that wasn't so bad russian young porn was it? young russian girl pics illegal russian pics

"Not so russian sex slave bad for who?" he laughingly asked her russian rape picture private russian teens hot euro sex pics young

The young nurse was sure very young russian girls of it now. He was well aware of what she wanted having caught her penetrating eyes boring in on his cock and was certain he had seen the wanton look of lust in her eyes while he filled the bottle with his honey colored pee. She had never watched a man do this before, not like this anyway. She had inserted her share of catheters and watched the yellowish, sometimes orange, urine running through the tube, but this was different. Still, it was clear pearls of precum she longed for and the ultimate prize-the milky, white cream of his hot cum pouring into her hot, moist mouth. It could be now, another day or maybe it would never would. At this point she wasn't sure what would happen next and feared being more bold without a clear signal from him. Still, she wondered, maybe he had already given it and there was only one way to find out russian rape

"Michael, let's try russian girl pussy your physical therapy, but let's try it a little different. That is, if you don't mind?" she asked in a suggestive tone russian rape pictures russian amateur girls

"Darling, you do it russian young oral sex anyway you want!" His voice was soft, calm and had an understanding tone to it now. She knew with certainty he was aware of what was coming next-him naked pictures of russian girls pictures nude russian brides

Bending over the bed, nude pics of russian women her mouth moved to his inner-thighs. She licked up and down the insides and he wiggled his legs. She heard him chuckle and say something about his legs already getting a workout, but she was too engrossed now in what she was doing. Her mouth moved up and her tongue licked and lapped gently at his balls. Her hands went under him, grasping at his ass cheeks and pulled him up higher. She felt him move and his hand slid a pillow under his ass. Crawling on the bed, she positioned herself between his spread legs. Her tongue moved along the crease of his ass and then pushed just inside. The pillow had freed her hands and one of them grabbed his cock. Her fist tightened around the shaft and worked it slowly up and down while her tongue continued to slide around his ass and then move back up tickling at his balls again.

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The skin surrounding the head of his cock was naked pictures of russian women pulled back by her clasping hand, still stroking his cock. Her eyes glanced up and she saw the wet, slimy juice dripping from the head. Her eyes were transfixed on his clear fluid glistening on the head. In a moment, her tongue moved away from his balls and she looked up at him. "Oooh, Michael, I have to drink some of that pre-fuck juice...right now!" Without waiting for answer, she moved her body upward and her eyes were just a couple inches away from the swollen head of his dick. She could feel the familiar twinge of excitement in her pussy. Her mouth moved forward and took just the tip of his cock in her mouth. He could feel her tongue criss-crossing the top and then heard her swallow hard. Her hand gripped his shaft tight and pushed upward squeezing, forcing more precum from the tiny slit and into her mouth. Again she swallowed


Her mouth opened wider and sucked his russian schoolgirl porn hard prick into her mouth. Her mouth formed a vacuum around his shaft as her head bobbed slowly up and down the length of his still growing cock. Her cheeks sunk into her face from the suction she applied, her tongue moving delicately over the sensitive underside of his shaft. Michael frantically pushed his hips up to pump her mouth faster, but she sucked harder, her mouth tightening in one spot when he did. When he would finally stop trying to force the fucking cock in and out of her mouth, she would again move her head up and down again, slowly, licking and sucking his cock with each up and down movement of her mouth. She kept control, knowing the man probably had not come, at least with a woman, for several weeks now. Dawn hoped the longer she teasingly sucked that maybe, somehow, she could produce even more of his built-up cum he longed to shoot. It was a silly belief on her part, but somewhere deep inside of him was a pool of cum; a deep reservoir of hot, boiling cum and she wanted it. She knew it would be just a matter of moments, but she would make him wait as long as she could to intensify his orgasm and fulfill her starving desire to drain him dry.

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Soft moans emanated deep within russian torture girls her throat as she continued sucking his cock and her thoughts of him filling her mouth with a load of cum she hoped would be hot and heavy. Fucking her mouth in longer, deeper thrusts, his cock slammed all the way into her mouth and soon her face was buried in his drenched pubes. Withdrawing, her mouth slid back to the top of his cock, only to swallow it all the way down again. She could feel his bloated cock filling her mouth and the head pushing deep against the back of her throat. She held her mouth locked at the root of his shaft and twisted her head back and forth in semi-circular motions intensifying his pleasure in a way he had never before experienced. He could feel her chin tapping into his balls until she eased the pressure of her lips and slid her mouth back up the shaft of his cock

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Her mouth moved faster up and russian orphan porn down and his hips started to move countering her movements. From the tip to the base and back, he fucked in and out her mouth as hard and as fast as he could. His body was quivering. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. The young nurse's lips rested on the head of his cock, her tongue stabbing at it before she sucked it back into her warm mouth. Holding her lips tightly around the head of his cock, she sucked, waiting for what she craved most-his white, hot cum. His hips raised off the pillow trying to push deeper into her mouth, but he was unable to. Her lips held tightly like a vise just under the head. Her tongue moved over the head and Michael struggled on the bed until he exploded, a massive load of searing cum pouring out of his long neglected cock. Her mouth filled with the sticky substance, flowing forcefully out of the hole that not long before had filled the bottle with his piss. She swallowed hard and fast as his cum continued to run out of his cock, not in spurts like she expected, but in a long, almost continual stream. The sounds of her ecstasy and lust filled the room as she continued to swallow, as did his groans, and then swallowed some more

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She held his cock in her mouth as it softened and tricked young teen russian school girl nursed on it. Her soft moans were the evidence of her desires being fulfilled. She licked, sucked and kissed his cock, refusing to let it go, waiting for it to grow hard again in her cum stained mouth. He writhed on the bed trying to break free of the clutches of her mouth and finally, with his hands, pushed her face away

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"Damn, honey, that's russian lesbian sex enough for now!" he laughed after he had freed his cock from her mouth

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"You wanna rest for minute?" she asked, her russian amateur girls voice hoarse from excitement

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cute russian girls "Yeah, maybe a minute, just give me a minute.

"Ooooh, Michael, I want more! I want more russia sex pic cum! C'mon Michael, fill my mouth with your hot cream again, please Michael...please fuck my mouth again!", she begged but let him lie quietly, her fingers playing lightly with his cock. Time went by, slowly for her, but finally his cock began to grow again. She watched it, almost studied it. It looked so monstrous as she held it in front of her face. She hadn't realized how big it was really was. In her small hands, she couldn't believe the size of the cock that had just been buried so deeply in her mouth.

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Her fingers tightened teen russian girls picture around the burgeoning shaft. She pulled and twisted trying somehow to make it even bigger. The purplish head was so big and angry looking now. "Take it, suck it in!" she heard him scream out.

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She ran her hand up and down the petite naked russian girls full length of his shaft again. He let out a sigh. She could feel his heavy cock continue to harden and grow in her hand. Strands of precum ran from the tip to her moving hand. She rubbed his excited cock in both hands and her lips went to the head sipping the clear juice away. Her hands continued to circle his cock forcing more of the nectar from his cock and into her demanding mouth as her tongue swirled in tight circles around the head. One hand moved down the shaft and her fingers pushed just under his balls. Her other hand moved faster on the shaft and her mouth continued sipping the slimy clear substance from the head of his cock until he pushed it upward into her mouth

Michael started to lightly moan, and then groan russian torture girls loudly. One of his hands went to her shoulder, the other to the top of her head. His fingers tangled in her hair as she sucked the swollen cock into her mouth again. She sucked it deeper inside her mouth and he assisted, fucking it even deeper into her mouth. His fingertips ripped into her shoulder and she let out a moan. She broke away, "More cum...more...Michael...give me more your hot cum...Mmmm, Michael...," her animated voice trailing off as her mouth moved back over his cock and took it deeper and deeper with each upward thrust of his hips. She could feel his cock pulsating in her mouth again. Her sucking became more ardent. Her cheeks were again being forced in as she sucked him wildly and with reckless abandon waiting for him to shoot again

Michael's cock pushed even harder and felt like russia schoolgirl sex it was drilling into her mouth deeper than before. His large cock was almost choking her this time. She fought to get her breath but his fucking of her face was relentless. She tried to pull away but his hand knotted in her hair holding her head in place letting his cock punish her mouth. Still, there was a passion in her that drove her on she couldn't resist. His hand moved from her shoulder to top of her head joining the other one and both clenched her head hard pulling it down, forcing his cockhead far beyond the deep recesses of her throat.

Even though he had just come, she could sense his young russian body tense up and could feel his load of cum moving up the shaft of his cock. He cried out, "I'm going to come...shit, I'm coming!" His orgasm just as powerful as the first. With his cock jammed against the back of her throat, she was unable to swallow his squirting cum. It filled the back of her throat and flooded back out of her mouth over her chin and down his shaft. He finally pulled his cock back and some of the hot jizm flooding her mouth ran down her throat. She sucked and swallowed, savoring the taste of his hot cum. She sounded like a purring kitten as she continued to let the remainder of his cum slide sweetly down her throat. Her eyes, glazed over, rolled back and her mouth moved forward again sucking at his cock, trying to squeeze even more cum from it until he was once again forced to push her ravishing mouth away