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My mind brides getting raped before thier married was plagued with a devastating dilemma. Even as I felt almost physically sick at the thought that my actions could destroy my marriage, my body still insisted that I obey Veronica's commands. I plotted how to keep the property tag private, and how to make it through the night without cumming. I was miserable, and yet my misery was not sufficient motivation to cut off the strap and end my suffering. I could only wait helplessly, and wonder how I would survive what laid ahead. 32399Jack and Veronica's journey ends here. Please note this concluding chapter will have much more meaning if you have read the preceding chapters. Thank you to all for your past and future feedback

I was beginning to feel schizophrenic. stories of new bride getting raped My mood was swinging violently from euphoric arousal to apocalyptic depression. I could close my eyes, and images of my submission to Veronica would send me into an extended state of erotic bliss, with every microbe of my being focused on the pleasure emanating from my perpetually pulsing cock. Then, fear and depression would take hold, and I'd suddenly find myself thinking about the man who confesses that he lost his home and business due to his gambling compulsion, or the man who couldn't overcome his drinking problem until after he ruined his marriage. And I wondered if that man was me

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Was I that far gone? Could I permit my behavior virgin bride pictures to become that self-destructive? A reality check did nothing to allay my fear. At that very moment, while lying in my bed next to my wife, the identification strap which read "property of Ms. Harper" was locked securely around my cock and balls. All it would take to be discovered was for my wife to decide that she wanted to play, and reach out for my cock

Veronica's words played over and over in bride horny my head. "You want to be my slave so badly that you'll even risk your wife discovering it." How could it be true? And yet, there I was putting my marriage at risk just to satisfy this inexplicable sexual desire. A previously intelligent, cautious man, I was now making life decisions based solely on the needs of my cock, a cock controlled by the euphoric sensation that came from doing Veronica's bidding

And if, in brides in bondage photos fact, I was truly at Veronica's mercy, what then? Would there be no demand I could refuse? No indignity I wouldn't suffer? Would my desperate need to be her slave, actually lead me to ruin? Those were the questions that offset the thrill, and swung my mental pendulum back to depression

That depression was reinforced on Thursday when bride anal gallery Veronica never showed up for work. I could barely focus on my job, and knew that the quality of my work was suffering. In addition, I continued to do all of Veronica's work so nobody would become suspicious about her absence. By 5:00, I knew I'd have to stay late to get the essentials taken care of, and I called my wife to advise her of my timing

"What do you mean brides bondage you have to work late tonight?

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I was taken aback by bride xxx the question. My wife knew I only worked late when I had to, and she had never questioned my doing so in the past

"I've got all this work that has brides in lingerie xxx to get done," I began to explain, but she cut me off

"No, I don't mean that. Did you forget sex stories wedding brides that Veronica is coming for dinner tonight?

My heart stopped, and my mouth literally fell open. A thousand movies of brides forced to have sex questions raced through my mind. What in the world was she talking about? Veronica coming to dinner?!? Though my wife knew I had a temp this week, I was absolutely sure that I had never even mentioned Veronica by name. But there was no other Veronica she could be talking about. What did my wife know? The seconds were ticking by, and I had to say something

"What?" sexy brazilian brides was all I could manage

"You've got some explaining to do, Jack. Such pictures of horny brides as why you felt the need to invite this temp to our home for dinner? And how you could forget to tell me about it, so now I've got almost no time to get everything ready? And don't tell me now that you're coming home late. She's going to be here at 6:00, and I have absolutely no interest in entertaining her by myself. tgp porn bride fucked wife

"Hon, I'm sorry. I must have forgotten. You, uh, spoke with horny bride her? bridal riding xxx

"Fortunately, yes. If she wife gang rape hadn't called to ask me what she could bring, I would have been totally unprepared. I must have sounded like an idiot not knowing that she was going to be our guest this evening, but she was very sweet about it. So finish up, and get home pronto, okay? brides in bondage

"Right. bride hardcore Sure. Sorry. ravished wife naked bride and groom

I hung up ravished bride rape the phone, and felt suddenly nauseous. Everything was spiraling out of control. I had no way to contact Veronica to dissuade her from following through with her plan, whatever it was. In one hour she would be in my home, talking to my wife about who knows what? As I frantically considered my options, the phone rang nasty bride forced bride stories

sexy brazilian brides "Hello? bridal sex

"Jack, I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to work nude wives today. nasty bride bride blowjob movies

"Veronica, what the hell are you doing? bride pictures sexy Why did you call my wife and invite yourself to dinner? bride sex bride blowjob

"I understand you're surprised, Jack, so I'm going to be bride stockings hardcore videos extremely generous and ignore that rude outburst. I invited myself to dinner because I decided it would be fun to sit next to your wife while picturing you worshipping me. And you want me to have fun, right Jack? You want to do whatever makes me happy, don't you Jack? i fucked the bride russian brides sluts

"Veronica, free wife porn please. nude russian bride sexy wife

"Remember your place, Jack. And let me hear you naked bride and groom beg. brides in lingerie xxx risky anal brides

"Ms. Harper, please. I'll do anything you bride nude ask, just please don't bring my wife into this. sexy black brides bare brides pictures

"Mmm. Sorry Jack. Your wife is already expecting me, and wedding bride bondage I don't want to be impolite. I just called to give you a word of warning: If you want things to go well tonight, do not remove your property collar. Understand? slut bride mail order bride nude

"Please don't do russian brides nude this. russian slut brides

"If you're very horny young brides good, you may even get to cum. See you in an hour, Jack. bride fetish brides in bondage

And with that, horny bride she hung up. I put down the phone and sat there in a stupor. What could I do? I looked down at the bulge in my crotch, picturing Veronica's property tag inside my pants. Her words stimulated and horrified me at the same time. How could I go home still wearing it under these circumstances? And yet, if I didn't do as Veronica instructed, she'd made it clear I would regret it. I had to leave it on, and pray that Veronica did not betray me. And, I had to leave immediately if there was any hope of getting home before Veronica got there bride fuck fucked wife

The anxiety during my drive home was teen slut bride gallery palpable. I was already sweating just from the anticipation of the encounter; how would I possibly survive this evening with my world intact? I felt a flicker of understanding for people who are driven to extreme measures out of desperation. I needed to do something to make this nightmare go away. But all I could do was tell myself over and over what a jerk I was for digging my own grave naked bride

When I arrived home, wife gang rape the absence of an unfamiliar car in front of the house provided a moment of relief. At least I would be present to hear anything that Veronica said to my wife. But even that miniscule consolation soon disappeared as our doorbell rang moments after I got inside the house. My wife was busy in the kitchen, and I called out that I would get the door horny brides pics of sexy brides

My already heightened apprehension skyrocketed when I naked brides opened the door and saw Veronica. She was dressed in a short black leather skirt, a black leather top accented with silver studs, and calf high, stiletto heel boots. I almost wished for a heart attack to put me out of my misery. Veronica looked at me and didn't move nude pics russian brides

"The usual rules brides in bondage still apply, Jack", she said, extending her right foot forward slightly pics of sexy brides

horny brides galleries "Please, Veronica" I begged ravished brides forced bride

"All the rules, Jack, and be bridal and sex grateful I don't insist you call me Mistress. bride fucked naked wife

"Yes, Ms. anal bride Harper. forced bride stories

I glanced back at russian porn brides the kitchen doorway, knowing my wife would walk through it at any moment, and as quickly as I could, I dropped to my knees and kissed Veronica's boots. With my heart pounding, I rose to my feet just as my wife emerged from the kitchen. Veronica walked through the entranceway, and as I closed the door behind her, I sensed that I had just permitted the devil into my home

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"Diane, this is Ms. Harper," I said, and as soon bride blowjob as the words came out of my mouth, I realized how ridiculous they sounded. My wife noticed also

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"Hello. Nice to meet you. bridal sex It's Veronica, right?

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"Yes. Jack is always so bride strip naked formal at the office, but I think it's sweet that he calls me Ms. Harper. So many bosses have no respect for their secretaries. But Jack really knows the meaning of respect.

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I had no teen slut bride gallery doubt that Diane was shocked by Veronica's attire, but she hid it admirably. I offered to pour drinks, and Diane said she had more preparations to tend to. We left Veronica in the living room and slipped into the kitchen. As I opened a bottle of wine, and Diane stood at the stove, her curiosity could no longer be contained

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"So, does she dress that way foreign brides for sex at work?

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I chuckled to indicate I shared her surprise at ravished wife Veronica's attire

"No, it must just be her thing, you sexy nude bride pics know, on a social level

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"She's quite striking, Jack. You nasty bride photo never mentioned that your temp looks like Claudia Schiffer. You're lucky that I know you don't choose your own secretary.

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"Funny. Well, you can rest comfortably sexy latin brides knowing tomorrow is her last day.

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I gave Diane bride being fucked her glass of wine and headed back to Veronica. She was seated comfortably, leaning back in our leather recliner with the footrest extended. In addition to her natural beauty, something about her leather outfit in the leather chair, contrasted by her bare thighs, was especially sexy, and as I handed her the glass, I was already hard

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"Show me your sexy russian brides collar.

"Veronica. Ms. ravished brides Harper, please" I whispered

"I told russian nude brides you I wanted to have fun, Jack. And making you squirm for me is fun. Now show me you're still wearing my name tag.

I glanced quickly bride pics sex at the kitchen door, and then stepped back into the hallway, where Veronica could still see me, but where I'd be out of my wife's sightline if she should suddenly walk in. I undid my belt, lowered my pants, and exposed myself, property tag and all, to Veronica