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As I was going out the door pure dog sex stories Tony asked me if I'd like to go out with him and a few of his friends tonight. After all I couldn't waste a perfectly good night off now could I? What the hell, I thought. I might just have some fun. I told Tony to follow me home and we would take his car so I wouldn't end up driving while blitzed, since I was planning on drinking. I also wanted to take a few minutes to freshen up and get changed. Tony showed up in a sweet car. Turns out it used to be a cop car that was auctioned off. It was really nice. Still had the spotlight on it and the huge seats. It was kind of comfortable too. At least in the front seat! Which is were I got to sit. The rest of the car was packed with three other guys. Each one cute as could be. There was also a girl I didn't know. She turned out to be Kelly, Tony's ex-girlfriend, but they were still friends. The guys turned out to be named Michael, Curtis, and James. I already knew James from several functions and we were old friends. The other two I had never met before, but that was about to change.

The guys were very farm sex porno nice and rough in their conversation. Apparently they figured I was Tony's friend so therefore I could handle it. Although it didn't bother me one bit, Kelly didn't seem to like the brashness in the least. I thought she needed to loosen up worse then me! But I was polite and didn't say a word

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As we were driving around zoophilia stories forums looking for some trouble, the guys suggested we drive up to the point and see what was going on up there. On a night like this it should be busy. When we got there it was dead. Not another soul in sight! Just us. Which was weird in my opinion. This place always had someone here, no matter what. Oh well we didn't have anything better to do, and Kelly was fussing to get out of the car after the drive up here. Tony then informed us that he's going to get out and take a walk with Kelly so she could stretch her legs. We all looked at each other, as the same thought crossed all of our minds. Ya right! Whatever you say Tony

So there I was. In beastiality live a car full of hotties and thinking dirty thoughts to myself when Curtis piped up with a " You know, you have really nice tits!"

Caught totally beastiality thumbnail off guard all I could say was "Thank you".

I must have looked stunned, as all three laughed at me stream beastiality together. I couldn't help it. I blushed, bright red!

Some how that was a animal pornography universal signal to them. Curtis reached around the car seat and grabbed my left breast, smiled and said, " They feel as good at they look too."

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Michael immediately grabbed my other breast and started caressing zoo movies it through my shirt. He turned and smiled at Curtis, "you are right," He said, " they do feel as good as they look.

Oh my god! was all I could think petlovers A dream come true! My lack of resistance was interpreted correctly as James slid over the seat to get in front with me. He immediately started unbuttoning my jeans. At this point I didn't care were Tony was, I just hoped he wouldn't be coming back any time soon. This was too good to be interrupted. James soon had my pants off, and was paying homage to my legs by kissing them from bottom to top. Each kiss was sending goose bumps up my spine and down my arms

Suddenly I was falling! No, I wasn't animal sex thumbs falling. Curtis was making the seat recline so he could get my shirt off! It was heavenly. The instant my shirt was off, Michael had my bra raised and was sucking on my nipple! With my other breast in his hand! Curtis decided that left him with my mouth. And damn! He took full advantage of that. He could kiss like a seasoned pro. Which he more then likely was! He thrust his tongue deep in to my mouth and ravaged it, stealing my breath from me. His lips were soft and smooth. His teeth were even and smooth under my tongue. He tasted of mint. Like he had just eaten a breath mint. I gently bit his lip. Encouraging him to be ruthless with my mouth. He got the hint for in the next second he mashed his lips on mine and ruthlessly devoured me

James was now working my panties off quite nicely. beastiality movie clip samples His attention to my lower body was setting me on fire. As he petted my pussy with his long, long fingers, all I could think of was how very much I wanted him to put them in me. James didn't need any such direction though, for a moment later he was sliding first one, then two fingers inside me. Licking my clit he shoved two fingers deep into me, then one, then two again. Teasing me with the alternating feelings of almost empty and almost full. Working his way, torturously slow, up to three fingers. Oh, I was in heaven. That boy could lick! I could feel his tongue slip inside my wet honey pot and wiggle around with his fingers still deeply probing my sweet spot. I started to move my body in time to his thrusting of his fingers. Trying to make them go deeper then they possibly could go. I felt so full. Yet I wanted more! I was moaning, and didn't care who heard me either! "More, More!" I told him. I could feel him trying to give me more. Trying to put a fourth finger deep in to me. Dare I think he could! The slight pain mixed with the pleasure they were all lavishing on me only stoked the fire making me beg James for as much as he could give me. I was so wet, and his mouth was making me even wetter. I new I was going to cum all over his hand. I could feel it building inside me. I wanted to fight it, to make it last! But I just couldn't. My body had been too deprived of such attention for too long. The erotic combination of three men devouring my body was too much. I came all over him, splashing my love juice down his hand, gasping and moaning into Curtis' mouth, heaving my breasts in Michael's face, and twitching in sheer ecstasy.

I could hear them talking above me as I came back zoophilia reptiles down to earth. "What a wild cat!" "Man if she's like this just warming up, what's she gonna be like when we give her dick?" and "Man I can't wait to shove my cock up her tight ass." were a few of the things I caught while trying to come back around.

All I could think was, they beastiality movies couldn't wait! Hell, I couldn't wait! I wanted them, and I wanted them now! Curtis and Michael changed places. They immediately had their pants shucked off and on the floor of the car in what seemed like seconds! stories of beastiality sex with a dog

Michael leaned down and kissed bestiality chat my mouth open. He then gently laid his seven-inch dick on my lips, telling me, "Lick it baby. Taste my dick on your lips!" and, oh boy did I. dog fuckers com hardcore sex dog woman

I licked him from one side to the other! I bestiality live mpegs took his balls deep in my mouth and wiggled them around, and bounced them back and forth with my tongue. I took his shaft in my hand and pumped it a few times getting it solid, then I sucked it deep in to my mouth. Taking as much as I could before my gag reflex tried to stop me. He tasted musky and dark. I could taste his excitement on my tongue, and feel his pulse on my lips. I could feel every thing in him. How his ball sucked up in to him with every draw in and out I made. How he would throb in my mouth every time I swallowed him. I sucked him like a porn starlet. And I knew he was loving it, with his head thrown back making little primal guttural noises men only make when either hunting or having their dick sucked by the best beast sex lesbain sex dog

James and Curtis had managed to get me up on my farm sex pictures knees while I was sucking Michael. Oh I knew what was coming next and my body was vibrating with anticipation. Curtis was now slamming his hand in to my well-lubed slit, while James was spreading my ass cheeks apart. The sensation was incredible. The rhythmic pounding of his hand in my pussy was sending sock waves all threw me. James was starting to finger my asshole. Spreading it out, getting me ready for him. His fingers sliding in and out of me was electric dog sex guide beastiality forums

"Oh please, FUCK ME!" I gasped from around hardcore dog sex Michael's cock. women dog sex

Curtis and James both gave a low chuckle, and positioned beast videos themselves at the opening of their chosen hole. Frustrating me for only a moment them they both shove their massive tools deep inside me at the same time! Filing me to capacity all at once! I couldn't help it, I screamed! It felt so good! I had never been so totally full. Curtis had a good nine and a half-inch dick, which explained why he had shoved all four fingers in to my wanting cooch, stretching me out so far, and he was now drilling it deep into my pussy. He filled every inch of me. I knew I would never again feel so full again in my lifetime. James' eight-inch dick was drilling my ass so hard and deep I though he was trying to reach china with it! He wasn't just long he was thick too. Oh so thick! He was having a great ride, thrusting in to my upturned ass like a mad fiend! Like I was the first ass he had ever fucked, and he was going to make the best of it. He was doing a wonderful job! He was gripping my hips to help support me while he and Curtis both slammed into me horse cock pure dog sex stories

Over and over the onslaught of their piercing horse sex thrusts rippled threw my body, building and climbing to new heights of pleasure! The feel of their dicks jointly stabbing in and out of me was nothing short of celestial! With each thrust I sucked more of Michael's swollen cock deeper into my mouth. I could feel his excitement building in his balls just as I could feel my excitement building in my body. I knew we were going to cum together. James, and Curtis' breathing changed and I knew they were almost there. I threw myself to the four winds and let my passion lose to run free with these three men women having sex with dogs

Michael tore his cock from my animalsex zoosex mouth, letting lose with his load all over my chest, splattering my tits with his jizz. Moaning loudly, he whipped it all over my soft flesh. I felt my pussy contract as my orgasm hit me hard. I screamed as Curtis and James thruster together in perfect synch, riding my climactic wave to their ultimate pleasure. I could feel Curtis cum deep in my pussy as he grunted with release. His cum oozed out of me, to slide down his still stroking shaft and pool on his sweat soaked balls. He continued to fuck me until he was completely spent before finally pulling out girl having sex with dogs

James wasn't far behind. He gave pure dog sex stories my ass a couple more deep, quick strokes and unloaded deep inside. Having my ass filled with his hot sticky cum was so erotic. His cum spilt out around his dick and ran down on to my puffy, already drooling, pussy lips. It was one of the most stimulating sensations, feeling it bubble up out of me. James slipped his dick out of me and replaced it with his fingers. Slowly fucking the last of his cum out of my ass, using both hands alternating which set of fingers he was using. Curtis and Michael got the hint and joined back in. Curtis started playing with my breasts, and sucking on my nipples, while Michael feverishly kissed me. They weren't about to let me slid down from my body high this soon. With all this attention and James hand fucking my ass so thoroughly they brought me to one last extreme orgasm before they let me collapse on to Curtis' chest to rest. Warm and funky we all laid there. Naked and covered in our cum. Michael gently caressing my hair, Curtis still suckling on my still stiff nipples, and James petting and caressing my ass and pussy. Almost as if he hadn't had enough of them just yet. people fucking animals dog sex stories

Belatedly I remembered I had completely forgotten horse fucking girls about Tony. I looked out the window to see him standing out side. His face pressed against the glass, wearing a "I just came" look. He was totally oblivious to me looking at him. dogsex stories dutch bestiality

I was able to get one of animal sex story the guys to open the car door so I could ask him were Kelly had gone off to. dogsex pics

"She left. Walked home. Didn't want women fucking animals to be part of our little freak party; she said" was all he would say. animal sex pix lesbain sex dog

Well with her gone my pure dog sex stories mind was running. "Well are you going to stay out there? Or come in here and join us?" I asked. dog fuckers beastailty

He did not have to be asked twice. He beastality got in the car right quick. And we all had us a nice, multi climactic night. That night I learned just how much room an old cop car can have with five creatively minded people in it. I also learned the next day that Tony had set this night up. That it was all just Faust to get Kelly and I up here to have a gangbang. I couldn't get mad at him. I had enjoyed my self way too much to be able to. But I told the little rat, that next time he wanted to play he should just ask. And I'd come running. Tony is right about one thing though. I am a freak women dog sex stories beastality pictures

Written by wiccanbear 2004The Perils of Greggie-Poo #1: "Mishi's Dark bestiality mpegs Lust women dog sex sex torture wooden horse

(Note: these events follow from girls doing horses those in the series "The Misadventures of Mishi" animalsex dogsex pics

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My wife, swedish beastiality Mishi, is a petite 5'6", 100 lb., natural blonde. The trusses of her hair reach just below her ears. Her breasts are perky and stand out at a slightly up-thrust angle, her stomach is flat, and she's got a round, tight ass. Her thighs are set apart a little giving her pelvis structure a real fuck me look. She keeps herself fit at the YWCA swimming, and we like to cycle dog sex beastiality dvd

One day I was looking for some papers horsesex dogsex I had misplaced and was rummaging through her night stand when I discovered a big black vibrator and an illustrated fuck book about white women with black men sex with dogs horse cum shots

I was going to simply horny animals having sex put them away as if nothing happened, but she walked in while I was examining them. I found myself apologizing for getting into her "private things". After a very uncomfortable silence I finally said, "I guess I am little shocked that you're interested in such things. Can we talk about it? dog sex with humans beast forum

Her bluntness shocked me. After several seconds of silence she took sample animal sex movie a breath and said, "OK, I want to fuck a black man! There I said it! I hope it's not the end of our marriage, but, yes, I want to be a total slut with a big, hung, black stud who would fuck me silly! dogs fucking women pussys beastiality art

I was in shock, beast links "Anyone in particular? sex with dog bestiality taboo forum

"No. Just read dog bestiality the book! sex with dog stories

When I finished the book, I asked, "Wow! How animal beastiality much of this do you want?

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She shrugged her monkey beastiality shoulders and said, "Help me get ready, and we'll see where it goes!


"When do you beastality gallery want to and how?

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"You know I'm just beastiality videos about to get my period and I'm the horniest then. Tomorrow's the biggest night down at IT." IT was a disco that was usually about eighty percent black. The girl in the book picked up her first black stud at a disco. IT had a reputation for being a white chick/black man pick up spot

I re-read some of that first encounter in the book. The animalsex stories thought started to turn me on, so I said, "Well, I don't mind if you do it ... but, can I watch?

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"NO, this is just for me. I don't animalsex want any distractions from you. You can arrange a room, get me ready, take me down to IT, and then come up when it's over. But ... if every thing goes OK, and you're still agreeable, then MAYBE you to watch the next time." The next time? How's she so sure it will happen again

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The next day people having sex with animals I was a wreck at work. Mishi called me to remind me to make the hotel reservation and then come straight home. I called the hotel and reserved a room and left work early. When I got home I asked if she stil

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wanted to go beastiality movie sample through with it. She said she definitely did - her pussy had been wet all day in anticipation. I said I hoped she didn't fix any dinner because my stomach was too nervous to eat. She laughed and said hers was too.

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She then horse fucking tgp told me to help her get ready. First she wanted me to give her a bath. We spoke very little as I bathed her and dried her beautiful petite, perfectly proportioned body off

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When I was done, she sat on the animal sex videos edge of the tub and told me to get a pan of hot water, my razor with a new blade, and shaving cream. She smiled and said "the woman in the book didn't have any hair on her pussy, and I want the same thing". I always wanted her to do this before for me, but she always refused. Now, however, she was going to do it for a black man. Fo

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the first time, beast love sex I was starting to get jealous. She spread her legs wide apart giving me total access to her groin area.

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My fingers started to tremble, and it took all beastiality video samples my will power to steady my hand as I shaved her natural blonde curls from her pubic mound and around her pussy. When I was done she had me pad it dry and rub her entire groin area all over wit

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Her bald pussy turned me on so amatuer beastiality much, I told her it was beautiful and asked if I could eat her now

"No, not now; you'll have to wait until later." The having sex with animals hidden meaning was subtle. I whined a little.