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"Well, are you guys going to invite me in?" sex with dog Nia asked

", yeah. Of bestiality dvd course! Come on in, Nia." stammered Dan

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As the hours passed, Matt and wild animal sex Dan took turns staring at Nia's perfect toes through the black stockings. Each would become uncontrollably hard at the thought of just licking or touching those toes. Before long, they would get their wish

The party ended around two in the morning, leaving just lesbians with big tits and horse sex Dan, Matt and Nia in the living room. Dan decided to take a shower, so Nia and Matt went into Matt's room. Before too long, Dan emerged from the shower, to hear the sounds of moaning coming from behind Matt's closed door. Dan, being the nosey one, decided to see what was up.

As Dan beastiality stories women fucking dogs slowly opened the door, he almost couldn't believe what he was seeing! There on Matt's bed was Nia, nude except for a pair of black stockings on her feet! She was in the doggie style position of the bed and Matt appeared to be fucking her from behind. As Dan inched closer, Matt caught him

"Oh...God...Dan...C'mon in...OH FUCK! I'm just...OH zoophilia GOD...fucking Nia here!" Dan was huffing and puffing with the sounds of sex as he plowed into Nia

"Oh...Dan's women dog sex here too? OH GOD MATT, FUCK ME!" screamed Nia

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What Dan didn't realise at the time was that Matt was pictures of women fucking horses not fucking Nia's pussy. Oh no, Matt was fucking her stocking clad feet

"Fuck baby," Matt said, "Your feet feel so beastiality vhs videos for sale fucking good on my cock!

Matt had wrapped both of Nia's feet around his member and animal porn was pumping in and out of the vagina-like space in between them. Nia's toes moved up and down the shaft and over the head of Matt's cock, caressing the purple head. Seeing this, Dan dropped his pants to the floor, and stepped in front of Nia

"Oh!" Nia gasped, "What do you want me to do with sex with female dog that?

"Well, you animal sex dog video could start by sucking it like there is no tomorrow!" Dan said

With that, Nia engulfed Dan's how to have sex with a dog rod into her mouth, while Matt continued assaulting her feet! women and dog sex dutch beastiality

Seeing Dan being sucked off by goat sex Nia was too much for Matt. He grabbed his cock, held it over Nia's feet and screamed women fucking dog

"Fucking God, Nia! sex with animal stories I'm fucking cumming! Fuuuuck! girls fucking animals dog with girl sex

With that, Matt unleashed a bestiality personals torrent of white hot semen onto Nia's stocking clad soles. Coating the black stockings with white cum. Matt fell back, exhausted, while Nia continued to suck Dan. Nia then pulled Dan out of her willing mouth and said dogs fucking women pussys

"Dan, why don't you animalsex videos have a go at fucking my feet too. I know how you're always looking at them. Go ahead, I love it. bestial dog sex pics

Dan agreed, went behind Nia, ripped off her now dog women sex cum-soaked stockings and went to work on her delicious toes. dog sex dog beastiality

Dan licked animal sex pix and sucked on each delicious toe, all the while making certain to stroke his cock to retain it's erection. Finally he was ready to fuck them. Nia was begging him for it, and so he felt he better give her what she was begging for. He gave long licks to both of her soles, placed her feet to each side of his cock, and began to thrust dog sex pictures dog fucking girls

Matt watched in awe as his best friend revealed HIS hidden beastiality dvd foot fetish! Matt felt his cock grow hard again, and came around front to Nia's head and waiting mouth. As Matt plunged his cock into Nia's mouth, Dan was busy fucking those hot feet dog bestiality dog sex pictures

"Oh God Nia! I've...Uh...Uh...wanted to do this for beastiality videos so...Oh God...fucking long!" Dan yelled dutch bestiality women and dog sex

"Yes Dan! FUCK THEM! dogs fucking women pussys They're all yours, Dan! Fuck my hot feet! Do it harder! GOD, I LOVE IT! DAN, I....I....I'M FUCKING CUMMING!" Screamed Nia women dog fuckers

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Dan was in shock as he animalsex videos reared back and watched Nia's toes bring his cock to orgasm. He sprayed a huge load of semen onto her bare feet, and she never stopped rubbing his cock with her toes and soles. Even with all of Dan's cum on them, and more spurting from his cock with each thrust of Nia's feet dogsex

Nia meanwhile, had neglected Matt's cock a bit, so bestiality live back into her mouth it went. Matt couldn't believe the tremendous orgasm that Dan had due to Nia's feet, and the thought of it made him explode into Nia's mouth women dog sex stories

After everyone had cum, Nia showered, put on her flapper outfit girls fucking a animal horse and headed out into the night. Before doing so, however, she thanked the boys and told them that there would be more adventures to cum.1698Part 5 dog fuckers

(You may find the other half of this story beastlove under my other name: Archaic69. For some reason, I couldn't submit new things, so I had to start a new account. dog women sex

This story is not intended to be viewed by persons zoo sex stories under the age of 18, or under whatever age is considered adulthood in your neck of the world. It has no basis in reality, and is intended as a fantasy only. If over the age in question, please use your own good judgment dog sex instructions horse sex avi

Caroline could remember -barely- that she was still horse sex samples kicking and fighting the lingerie-clad girls as they brought her into the preparation chamber. She could remember also that she was not their match, and how easily they deposited her, like a sack of grain, face-down over the table. She vividly recalled the more extreme sensations of the ordeal, wrists pinned by two of the more toned girls as her skirt was unzipped by another and dropped around her ankles. The cold concrete beneath her stocking feet as her shoes were removed. And after her lace panties were moved adequately to one side. . .the syringe in her bottom was particularly memorable beastiality movie clips women fucking dogs

The rest, naturally, fisting lesbians and horse sex was a haze, though she could surmise much from her present situation. The girls had stripped her of suit and stockings, obviously, and replaced it with this. . .costume that she wore now. Then they had toyed with her some -a bit of play that she most certainly hadn't objected to, given the nature of the HSA's narcotics. And then, likely that when they were required to present her to Mistress Allison Taxton, they did so with slavish devotion and girlish giggles. Afterwards, her drug-wrought malleability fading, the girls bound her into her current position, and scampered pixie-like back into the shadows to watch bestiality movies dog sex video

And what a show it would be. Caroline could horse fucking woman tell just from the setup

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Atop the dais, observing her plaything, sat Mistress Allison. Her legs, beastiality movie as always, shone prettily in their silken stockings -white this time. She had stripped off her business suit of earlier in the eve, and was wearing only a beige, satin camisole. Her blond hair fell down her shoulders, and with every cock of her head seemed to glide about them as though dancing. Caroline could only survey her mistress for a moment at a time, and had learned the inherent defeat of looking her in the eyes; but God, she was so beautiful

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In sharp contrast beastiality sex stories to Allison's majesty was Caroline's own position. The chamber was oriented like some sort of modern throneroom, replete with cold stone columns lining the path to the dais. The first time Caroline stirred, she realized that her movements were restricted. It took only a moment after that to discover why: a tiny but invariably sturdy chain ran from one of those columns, the one nearest her Mistress' platform, to the choker that always adorned her lovely neck. With her mistress watching, Caroline would not try her slack, but past experience suggested that she had exactly enough to reach the top of the dais, and her mistress' touch. 'Oh lord,' she thought pleadingly, 'please don't let it be bad.

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As she grew more nervous, she began girls fucking horses to stir, and the rustle of her costume brought it's details to her attention. It was quite unlike anything that she'd ever been forced to wear, outrageous and gaudy beyond all of her former standards. The first thing to strike her was the glaring pinkness of it all: not a hot pink, but a soft, girlish pink, the sort that might speckle a nursery room. She wore pink tights, though they were more sheer than most tights, almost like the variety worn by ballerinas. There were no shoes, but around her ankles were tiny pink bands, upon which were tied little bells that rang softly when she moved. Her waist, she found, was similarly ringed, but instead of bells there were harnesses on the belt, shiny clasps that stood out as the only non-rosy shade of her garment. It seemed to restrictive and harsh, especially relative to the soft, sheer teddy that cradled her beautiful breasts, midriff, and shoulders. The teddy seemed almost like a body-stocking in it's texture and hugging confines, and about it were sprinkled sequins: a few here and there to give the bodice an even more eye-catching quality, if that was possible. Lastly, her long, dark hair, normally flowing over her shoulders, was bound in a thick braid, tied up at the end (or course) with pink ribbon

'What is she doing?' Caroline thought. 'This can't be my punishment. hardcore sex dog woman . .It's too. . .soft, too feminine. Where are the whips, the paddles, the dildos?' Caroline grimaced as she envisioned the instruments. But a tiny voice in the back of her head whispered, 'But the paddles taught you discipline, girl. And the dildos made you scream, made you look at her and whimper for more.

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It was at teen bestiality this moment that the mistress stood, and descended the stairs, high heels clicking menacingly, and she whipped her hand behind her and then before her in an arc. When Caroline beheld it, she saw the device

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"Get on all fours, my having sex with animals bitch." And she pressed a button

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A surge of pleasure assailed her pussy. A virtual wave, that beastyality eclipsed her crotch and ripped all coherence from her mind. Never had she felt such pleasure there. It rolled over her in a surge, and then ebbed, the aftershocks hitting her cunt like a car hits speedbumps. Caroline fell down flat where she stood, struggled to obey her mistress, to pull herself onto hands and knees, but the cum was too powerful. It put her back down onto the floor like no blow could have

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Ms. Allison continued to advance, animal sex stories placing one beautiful foot daintily in front of the other in her approach. "Bitch? Did I not call you to heel?" Another push of the button

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"Yeeeeeeeeeeuuughhhhhhhhhh. . animal sex xxx . unh. . .unh. . .mis. . .mistress. . .oh. . ." She tried again, pushed her pink stockinged knees underneath her. . .but again the button was pushed. It almost hurt this time, so tender was she under her tights. "UNNGHHH!!" And again she sank, groaning, panting prettily, perfect shoulders rising and falling. All the while the bells and harness adorning her uniform tingled quietly. "Mist. . .mistress, please. . ." A moment, a moment to obey was all she needed. Just had to catch her breath

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But now Allison stood over her, the opulent lighting casting bestiality stories an oppressive shadow. "Bitches do not speak. They howl." She held her finger menacingly over the button, and Caroline hefted her weary head in time only to see her smile. The next orgasm brought blackness

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When she awoke, perhaps moments later, perhaps hours, her position xxx animal movies had not changed. She was still costumed, still chained. And Allison still stood near, still in stockings and camisole, though this time with another woman, fully attired, a young-ish brunette with more rounded breasts and hips. They were not looking at her; instead they had their heads together, speaking quickly and frankly

"So," Allison said, with an air of finality, "she zoophilia links suspects nothing?

"Nothing, Ms. Taxton. In fact, she's more conscious of herself women dog sex than of the happenings here. When you first wet her, she ran to the restroom so quickly I feared she might trip." There was a pause. "Mistress, I wonder at that hidden potential you perceived. Was the really the most perfect applicant?