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He rushed off. From what I could see, there were suzie zoo about three technicians doing the ultrasound; one female and two men. I didn't see much of the female, because she seemed to stay in the room with the equipment. The men seemed to be the ones taking patients in and out. I got the impression that they rather enjoyed working on the young women, but they didn't seem to have much interest in me

I lay there for girl having sex animal a while longer, trying to keep the sheet arranged to preserve my modesty, but growing increasingly uncomfortable with my expanding bladder

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But, true to his word, Mike did come xxx animal movies back in a half hour or so. "Think you're ready now?" he asked. "Absolutely," I answered, "and I'm anxious to get this over!

"Everyone is. Because you don't get horse sex mpegs to relieve yourself until its finished. Now, let's see how full you are." He slipped his hand under the sheet, and again ran his hand over my abdomen, pushing hard in several places. At the first push I jumped a bit at the sudden pain. He appeared to pay no attention. "I guess you're probably full enough, now. But you'll have to wait a bit. We have two patients ahead of you. Just stay calm.

I gritted my teeth and waited. It stream beastiality wasn't easy to stay calm when your bladder is already way beyond its usual capacity. It was hurting me, now, and I wasn't sure how long I could wait

In about fifteen minutes they finally took me. The beast porn procedure didn't really take long. The woman technician ran the sensor over my abdomen, with one of the men standing by. The sheet had been pulled up to my navel, so my entire pubic region was exposed. No one seemed to care. When the task was finished, the sheet was dropped back over me, and I was pushed into a small antechamber next to the examining room

"Someone from Dr. Murray's office will beastality come and get you when they're ready to finish your work. But it might be a while, because I hear they had an emergency of some kind down there and the doctor's tied up. Just wait

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"Can beastiality sample movies I go to the bathroom, please? I mean-

He knew what I meant, all right. But he beastiality picture galleries walked away, obviously not wanting to get involved in my personal problem. I couldn't get up, and even if I wanted to defy the doctor's orders I doubted I get over the railings on each side of me. My belly was hurting something awful, and I had no idea how I was going to get relief

The room I had been placed in didn't beastiality story archive get much traffic, and no one was paying much attention to me. I was hurting worse with every passing minute. Several times I tried to call one of the staff, but no one seemed interested in me. I hoped Dr. Murray's man, or technician, or nurse, or whatever would come and get me quickly

There seemed to be some supplies dog sex animal movies stored in a cabinet in the room I was in, and then I saw a man I had not before noticed talking to someone outside my door. Then, to my surprise he came into the room where I was to get something from the cabinet. He was dressed in the blue suits the staff members seemed to wear, and he was about the same age as Dr. Murray, probably forty plus. As he rummaged in the cabinet, he glanced at me, offering a cheery "Hello, there!

I was squirming, moaning a bit, virtually in agony, animal human sex and in no mood for cheery conversation

Suddenly he horsesex movies turned and looked at me dogs fucking women animal genitals

"You look like you have bestiality chat a problem. Is someone helping you?" he asked beastailty girl having sex with dogs

"No," I managed to answer, animal sex movies "but I sure need it. Everyone ignores me. I'm waiting for someone to take me back to Dr. Murray, when he's ready for me, but -oh oh" I started to moan involuntarily. "It hurts so bad! dog sex instructions

"What did you get?" he asked. "Did animal hardcore they prescribe a painkiller for you? women fucking dogs dog sex guide

"I don't need a painkiller - I just need to farm sex porno use a bathroom! But I can't walk, and I can't get out of this- I just had an ultrasound, and no one gave me any way to relieve myself! hardcore sex dog woman

"Well, lady, I don't farm porn work in this department, and I'm not sure how to help you. But I understand your problem. dogsex stories horny animals having sex

He looked me over a bit. I horsesex jpg was still squirming, and moaning in my agony. "You sure it's OK for you to relieve yourself. now? I mean, they didn't tell you that you weren't supposed to? dogs fucking girls

I shook my bestiality art head. "There's just no way. I felt like I was going to burst a long time ago. I didn't think it could feel any worse, but - oh, it hurts so bad! horse love sex dogs fucking women pussys

He looked around, but saw no one who might beastality movies attend to me. "All right," he began, "you say you can't walk, so you have to stay lying there. I don't know how to relieve you, but let me see what we can do. Let me see how you're set up! dog sex with humans petpound

I thought he was going to beastiality bbs check something on the gurney, but instead he picked up the right side of my sheet and folded it back over the left railing of the gurney. That kept anyone in the other room from seeing me, but my entire naked body was lying in front of him. He looked me over thoroughly. "My apologies - if you were a man, I'd know how to handle it, but for a woman--" he pondered the situation, carefully studying my anatomy. After a minute or so, he said, "Just wait a moment; I'll be back." Then he left, leaving the sheet hanging over the railing, and me completely exposed dog fucking girls

In about hardcore beastiality three minutes, though it seemed like hours to me, he was back. He was carrying a device that looked like a small bottle with a kind of spout. I recognized it as a urinal, the kind used for male patients dog porn

He studied me and looked at stories about animal sex the device. "You got to excuse me; I'm a lab technician, not a nurse. I don't know much about these things; but it doesn't look like you've got the right equipment to use this gadget." He studied my lower anatomy with care, then added, "There was another kind I think maybe would fit! Let me get it! pure dog sex stories

Again he left me, naked and exposed, bestiality clips groaning with the agony I was in. Shortly he was back, this time carrying a female urinal dog sex movies mature tranny lesbians sex horse

"From that dogsex movies bulge I see on your bottom, you've got a lot in you. I hope this holds enough. Now, let's see--" He tried to get the urinal in proper position. I spread my legs a bit and tried to help him. Finally we seemed to have the mechanics right. I thought he might leave me, but he didn't; in fact, he held the urinal against my body with his hand. My modesty and privacy was hopelessly lost, but all I cared about was getting relief girl dogsex horse sex with teens

"Can you let go, beastiality chat now?" he asked women dog sex dog sex instructions

I tried to. It wasn't easy. My muscles were so tensed beastiality archives from holding that relaxation didn't come quickly. I kept trying. I shook my head, as I told him, "I've got to go so bad, and now it just won't release! dog bestiality beast mpegs

"Patience," he answered, "I can wait. He spent the animal sex storys waiting moments focusing his eyes on my naked body, spread before him. He seemed to be studying my breasts horse cum swallowing women fucking dogs pictures

Finally the patience paid off. I sex with horse was able to produce a stream that poured into the urinal. He nodded his head as he watched. "Now it's coming. We'll have you relieved right soon, now! animalsex dogsex pics

"Thank you," animal tgp I replied. amateur dog fuckers animal fucking

He continued. "Name's Al - I women animals having sex work in the lab down the hall. You say you're a patient of Dr. Murray? I do a lot of work for him. Good thing I happened by here - you must have been in bad shape. Did you say it hurt a lot? Say, you're filling that thing up pretty fast! sex with dog beastiality links

I told him I had been in an auto accident animal sex pix and was being checked for possible further injuries. I wanted to be friendly, because I certainly appreciated his help animal love farm dog fuck

Inwardly, I was women fucking horse cocks mortified. I realized I was lying on my back, naked, uncovered, and calmly talking to a strange man while I was urinating. Indeed, I was urinating profusely; and he reminded me of this when he abruptly told me, "You better shut off your water - this thing's almost full. I'll have to empty it and come back. You feel like you have much more? dog sex pictures

With some effort, I was able to animal porn stop my stream. My bladder still was calling for relief, but most of the pain was gone. To Al, I replied, "I think I have it stopped - but, yes, I have more in me! Please do come back!"

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He removed horse fucking girl the urinal, and looked at the gradations. "Gee! You let out almost a quart! And you still got more? No wonder you were moaning and squirming! OK, I'll be back in a couple of minutes. Just wait, and we'll get you emptied yet!


He took the sex with female dog urinal away to empty it, but, as before he left the sheet hung over the railing. He made no effort to cover me. I thought of trying to pull it down over my body, but decided to leave it until he returned.

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He was back asian bestiality in a few minutes. "Hope you don't mind your pee going into the mens' room! I can't very well go into the ladies!" he began with a smile. "Now, let's get this thing back in place and let you finish emptying yourself!" He placed the urinal again in position, holding it against my body with the pressure of his hand. "Now," he told me, "You can open the valves again."

I did. My stream monkey beastiality started immediately and forcefully. While holding the urinal, he again started surveying my body, his eyes falling quickly on my breasts. Somehow, I wanted to tell him, "Please don't look!," but that didn't seem appropriate under the circumstances.

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Finally, my bladder felt empty and beast sex stories my stream abated. I indicated I was finished, and he withdrew the urinal. "You know," he said, studying the container, "you had almost a quart and a half in you. I wouldn't have thought a lady your size could hold so much. I see why it hurt you so badly. Well, I need to go take care of this!" Again, he left with the container but failed to cover me

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This time I did pull the sheet over me. horsesex It didn't stay long. When he returned he had a paper towel in hand. He again raised the sheet, hanging it on the railing. Then he began to dry my private parts with the towel. "Couldn't leave without doing the clean-up job, could I?" he asked, as he finished. He discarded the towel in trash receptacle, but stood beside me without making any effort to cover me up. I could have done it, but I was really feeling a little satisfaction that he was looking at me - no one else had seemed interested. They were, I thought, too fascinated with the younger women.Ann stopped working my tits and I stood up with my tits still hanging out the top of my dress. Gail sat up on my stool and I knelt down between her legs. I saw that she had panties on and I could tell that they were very wet. I moved my face closer to her and I could smell her. I took a nice long drag of her through my nose; I loved the way she smelled. I reached up and pulled her wet panties to the side so I could do to her what she was doing to me.

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I saw her clit and it beastiality video clips was so huge, I mean it was the biggest clit that I have ever seen. Now since I have only seen two (Ann's and my own), I thought all of them looked the same. Gail's clit was a good 10 times larger than Ann's or mine. I grabbed hold of it with my lips and I began to suck on it. Gail moaned as Ann was now kissing her. Using my right hand I inserted two fingers into Gail's wet pussy. Gail was so hot, she could not keep her hips from moving as I worked her hole and sucked on her huge clit. I felt her place her hands on the top of my head as she kept moving faster and faster against my lips and fingers

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I could hear her beastiality pics breathing hard and I knew she was going to pop at any moment. Gail let out a very loud moan as her body shook with her climax. Ann stood there, rubbing herself as she kept kissing Gail. Once Gail stopped moving her hips, I knew that she was coming down from her sexual high. I slowly kept fingering her and gently sucked on her big fat clit. Since women are different than men, we take awhile to come back down to earth after we climax. I felt Gail's hands pushing me back telling me she was ready to get up. When Gail got down, Ann pulled her dress up, grabbed her panties by the waistband, and pulled them down. Once naked, she sat on the stool. I wanted to eat her, but Gail got down between her legs before I did. I moved alongside of Ann, reached inside the top of her dress and moved her bra off of her breasts. I began making love to her nipples and every now and then I would stop to move to her mouth and kiss her

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I don't know how long we were doing all of this, beastility stories but Ann was hotter than I think all of us, maybe because she had to wait the longest. When she climaxed she let out a scream as she said, YESSS, OHHH GOD YES, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK OH JESUS, I'M COMINGGGGG, I'M COMINGGGG! Again, we both kept working her as she came and then slowly came back down to earth. When Gail finally pulled back, Ann got off of my stool

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Both of girl blowing horse us put our breasts back in our dresses and Gail asked, You have changed. What is it with you and those obscene phone calls you're getting, Linda? Why are you getting them? Two days ago you were not like this and you sure as hell were not getting those calls. I sat back down and said, I don't know. Ever since I quit smoking, I have been a sex maniac. I crave it all the time, and as for the phone calls, I don't know, they just started yesterday and I can't hang up on them, I get so hot listening and talking to those perverts. I can't explain it at all. One man told me my name and number was written on the men's room wall at a truck stop, Another man told me he saw my name written on the wall in the men's room at Penney's. I've been told my name is all over town for men to call me and that I love phone sex

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I went on and said, zoo sex group The only time the phone doesn't ring is when I have it turned off. My message box is full, so no one can leave me any message now, not even my husband. Gail sat on her stool and said, Honey, anytime you get the urge you let me know, I'll take care of you. Ann chimed in, Yeah, that goes for me, too. Just then a good-looking couple walked in the door. The man asked, Is this the place to take the tour? I looked at his crotch and I was trying to tell how big he was by looking, I could not tell. The woman asked, Is there a ladies room close by?

Ann showed her where it was, women fucking horses movies the man walked up to the counter and I deliberately un-crossed my legs in a very slow swing. I knew that if he was looking he was going to get an eye full. I watched his eyes as I moved my leg. It looked as though his eyes grew twice in size. I then looked at his pants and I saw he had a nice package down there. Gail watched us and said, You know, we have two tours here. When a couple comes in if they each go on a different one, they can compare notes later and that way you don't have to come back tomorrow just to take the second tour

I looked at bestiality net Gail real funny because there is only one tour here. Gail told the man, If you and your wife want, I can take her on the one tour and Linda can take you and show you things that are on tour number two. I looked at him and said, I would love to take you places around here that have never been in. The tour takes about 30 minutes. I am sure you can handle 30 minutes with me, now, can't you?

The look on his face told me he desired donkey cock me. His wife came out and Gail told her the same thing, His wife thought it was a good idea, so Gail walked off with her to take her on our tour. I looked at Ann, then at the man. I said, Well, we have about 35-40 minutes. We can spend it here talking or you can come with me to a room we have and I'll let you get a much better look.