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She whimpered slightly and he helped her up, holding her sex with dogs until her head stopped swimming. "Do we have to?" she asked

"Love, what are you so afraid of? We have the resources beastiality video clips to take care of the child if you are." She looked at her feet and he kissed her cheek. Guiding her through the hall to the kitchen he sat her down at the table and made himself some yogurt and granola. Knowing she wouldn't be hungry he just poured her a cup of tea with a bit of honey. She took it graciously and smelled it for a long while before sipping it slowly.

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He sat down and cut a bit of a peach and donkey fuckers put it on her tea saucer, "Eat something please, just to put something in your stomach. We have crackers if you'd rather have those.

She picked animal hardcore up the peach slice and nibbled off the end. It was sweet and juicy and hit the spot. She finished off the rest of it in two bites and Andrew smiled at her. He cut another slice and pressed it to her lips and she eagerly bit off another morsel. Standing up he kissed her forehead and got out a bowl, pouring some granola into it and placing it in front of her

"Try eating some of this. You can finish this animal penis pictures peach and nibble on the bigger pieces of granola. I worry about you Love. Just get some food back in your stomach," he pleaded

She ate as much as she could european beastiality to please him and then went and laid down on the couch while he cleaned up the dishes. He came in, wiping his wet hands on a towel

"You going to be okay while I run zoo movies to the store or do you want to come with?" he asked

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"I'm just going to rest animal beastiality here for a bit, just hurry back Love," she said as she closed my eyes softly

"Morgan, I how to have sex with a dog love you and I can't wait to get the results. You are going to be a great mother!" he said, stroking her tummy and kissing her lips reverently. He got up and put on his jacket and looked back one more time before grabbing his keys and leaving.

When left alone, beastiality how to her mind filled with so many thoughts in conflict. Andrew didn't know about what had happened a little over eight months ago. He didn't know that she had been pregnant with his child before but lost it when she had a miscarriage. She had cried for days but was glad for once that he was away on an aircraft carrier. But now she was so afraid. What if it happened again? What would they do if she couldn't carry their children?

He just got out of the Navy and now spent much stories of women having dog sex of his time at home working for an internet-based company and had much free time. He had been able to notice the slightest changes in her. She knew she couldn't hide it from him for long and now that he knew, how would she explain it to him?

Sighing she closed her eyes and let sleep take over her. xxx beast tgps She awoke to his kisses on her forehead

"Love, I didn't mean to wake you, I just petlovers forum wanted to cover you up and kiss you before leaving you to sleep for a bit," he said, feeling bad for waking her beast stories

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The bag rustled in his hands as he fidgeted, "Love, can stories beastiality we take this test? beastiality pictures

Her eyes filled with tears remembering the secret she held from pictures of women fucking horses him. He looked at her quizzically and wiped her tears away horse fucking movies petpound

horse cum "Hey, what's wrong? Did I say something? sex with animals bestiality links

animal sex mpegs "No, it's something I didn't say. horse fucking girl movies sex animal

women fucking dog "What do you mean? farm porn beastiality pics

"You have been a father-to-be before, but I lost it," she petlovers said as the sobs wracked her body donkey sex beastiality movies

"You mean european beastiality you had a miscarriage?" he asked. She just simply nodded. "Oh Love, things like this just happen. It's not your fault, so if you are blaming yourself I'm going to be very upset. You didn't do anything wrong to make you lose that baby," he said, holding her close. beastality pics

She sniffled and nodded, "I'm women fucking dogs ready Love," she said, squeezing his hand tightly. bestiality

He helped her up and took her to the bathroom. beasiality "Now, just pee in this cup and we will dip the strip in there and see the results!" he said, rubbing her shoulders. Nodding she relieved herself in the little disposable cup and set it on the counter. Taking the test out of the package she looked over the instructions and dipped the absorbent end into it. Setting the test onto the counter she opened the door and let him back in. He wrapped his arms around her waist as the control line showed up and then held her tighter as the other arm of the plus sign became apparent. animal fuckers

"So, what are we going to do now?" she underground beastiality asked, all teary-eyed swedish beastiality teen bestiality

"Well, we need to make some appointments with the doctor, horse cocks to make sure that you are pregnant and to get you set up with some vitamins and whatever else they give you pregnant women," he replied women having sex with animals animal porn

"I don't want to lose my baby again!" she extreme beastiality sobbed, turning around and muffling her cries into his chest beastsex zoosex animalsex dogsex horsesex beastiality dog stories

"Shhhhh... it's okay sex with animal pics Love. Calm down. We won't lose the baby, I won't let it happen," he promised, even though it was completely out of his control. He held her tight until she had stopped crying and then took her back to the bedroom and laid her down, tucking her in horse sex pic bestiality stories

"Where are donkey fucking you going?" she asked as he headed out zoophilia pictures beast fuckers

"I'm going to call dutch beastiality the doctor and get you set up. You just relax, I'll be back in a minute and then we will take a nap together. It's been a long day and it's only eleven in the morning. animal fucking beastiality sex

She nodded and he closed backdoors beastiality the door softly, walking downstairs. He went on the computer and looked up her gynecologist's number, dialing it beastiality live

"Hello, Dr. Sanders' office, how may I help you?" the receptionist beastiality links asked in a nasally voice. beastiality clips animal sex videos

"Hi, my name is Andrew Thayer and animal sex chat I'd like to schedule an appointment for my wife, Morgan Thayer. Does the doctor do obstetrics? zoosex

"Is Morgan pregnant?" extreme beastiality the receptionist asked happil sex with a horse bestiality stories

"Yes, we beastiality dog think. She was having morning sickness and has missed two periods but denied it. She was pregnant before but lost the baby in a miscarriage and was afraid it was going to happen again. animal sex

"Yes, I remember... it was such a pity. dog sex But I'm pretty sure we can fit you in quite soon. How does next Thursday at ten sound? I'm certain with her history; the doctor would want to see her right away. animalsex bestiality stories

"Yes, we amsterdam beastiality will be there. Thank you very much," and he hung up the phone. Walking back up the stairs he stopped at the door and heard her sniffling. His heart sank, knowing there was really no way to ease her fears about the baby. He pushed the door up and she stiffened, hiding her tear-stained face from him with the blanket. Not knowing what else to do, he curled up behind her, holding her tightly. She relaxed considerably and was able to fall asleep. When her breathing steadied, he kissed her on the cheek and settled down for a nap as well

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Thursday came quicker than anticipated and Andrew animal sex show had to practically drag her out of the house and to the doctor's office. He had done everything for her the entire day; making her eat breakfast, picking out her clothes and forcing her to put them on. It had not been an easy morning and he felt it would only get worse

"Morgan Thayer?" the nurse announced to the waiting room, animal sex mpegs "The doctor will see you now.

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Her stomach knotted up as she woman dog sex stood and looked down to Andrew piteously. Looking to the nurse she asked, "Can Andrew come with?

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"It's up to bestiality dvds you, sweetie. If you want him in there with you, it's perfectly fine," the nurse explained

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With that, sex with female dog Andrew stood up and took her hand in his and wrapped his other arm around her petite waist which already seemed a bit rounder. They walked down the hall to a room in which a woman in her early thirties, wire-frame glasses and starched white coat sat.

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sex with a horse "Hello Morgan, how are you doing today?" Dr. Sanders asked.

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"A little worried, animal sex dvd I guess," she said meekly

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"I don't think there's anything to worry about. You are sex on the farm healthy young woman, and I don't think you should even think about what happened before. Now, how about you have a hop up here on the table and we can talk. How has she been Andrew? Has she been eating right and sleeping well?" she asked, jotting notes on her clipboard

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"Every day is a battle to get beastiality bbs her to take care of herself," he sighed, "and I feel just awful that I wasn't there to help her through it. She only sleeps well when I sleep with her, yet denies any difference. She only eats when I get angry at her and it never seems enough, but if you look at her tummy, she seems to be getting a lot bigger. My brother's wife was a lot smaller at this stage in her pregnancy, so she must be doing something right. I managed to get her to tell me when her last period was, the twentieth of May.

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"Well, with that would put her at the end zoophily bestiality of her third month; let's feel around that tummy of yours Morgan. Go ahead and lay back and let's have a look at you," Dr. Sanders smiled

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She eased herself back and the doctor lifted her shirt, animal sex video tucking it under her breasts. Looking down at her bared tummy she was pleasantly surprised. "She does seem a lot bigger than a woman as petite as her should be at this stage in her pregnancy, a lot bigger than she was with her last pregnancy, come to think of it. I'm going to go get the ultrasound machine; we should be able to see something at this stage. Did you drink that bottle of water before you came?

"Yes she did doctor... asian bestiality made her drink every last drop," Andrew chimed in

"Good, that will make the picture much clearer. Now, I'm farm animal sex going to get the machine, I will be right back.

As the doctor left the room, Andrew squeezed her beastiality dog hand tightly. "It'll be okay Love, I'm here for you!" he smiled